Looking to Invest in Business Models with High Growth Potential? Come to VC Equity

Press Release   •   Nov 24, 2010 13:42 EST

November 24, 2010 - Lack of venture capital funds is an oft-repeated refrain cited to account for low growth rate of business in the emerging areas of technology. However, in all probability, it is not lack of venture capital funds but the dearth of good business models with potential for high returns that is hampering investment in this sector of the economy. If you are a venture capitalist or an angel investor, you too are probably finding it hard to get good proposals to invest. However, VC Equity has made it easy for you now.

VC Equity is committed to the growth of knowledge economy and the emerging areas of technology, including Biotechnology and IT, that have the potential of providing job opportunities to millions, while at the same time giving high rates of returns to the entrepreneurs and investors. It does so by providing a forum where venture capitalist funds providers can view proposals put forward by start-up companies and interact with the entrepreneurs. It has helped hundreds of venture capitalists in finding right projects for investment, and enabled hundreds of entrepreneurs to go ahead with their projects.

VC Equity invites all venture capitalists and others interested in investing in emerging areas of technology to tap into real venture capital funds investment opportunities which are plentiful on its website. VC Equity knows that investment in newly emerging areas of technology carries heavy risk and about 98% of opportunities presented to venture capitalists are rejected by them. That’s why it allows only carefully prepared proposals with a combination of qualities sought after by venture capital funds providers, like innovative technology, rapid growth potential, a well-developed business model, and an impressive management team. That explains the high rate of success of proposals put on it by entrepreneurs and start-up companies.

If you are a venture capitalist, or otherwise looking for investment opportunities in areas with potential of very high return, we strongly advise you to visit the VC Equity website. You would find a number of well-developed business proposals here, all boasting of a management team that can competently handle the intricacies of technology involved in their projects. Proposals like development of a green township which will run entirely on renewable energy, getting clean energy by utilizing waste material, building an environment friendly “wet aviation platform”, as well as opportunities for investment in business automation, cross media marketing, and the like, are the future of business and will ensure high returns for your venture capital funds.

About VC Equity

VC Equity is a company that brings together venture capital funds providers and entrepreneurs with innovative ideas on a common platform where they can discuss various projects in emerging areas of technology and can give a boost to the national economy and help the cause of environment, while at the same time creating wealth for both entrepreneurs and investors.

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