Rescuers Unite

Louis Fazo and others aid in San Francisco Bay Rescue

Press Release   •   Feb 26, 2010 23:06 EST

San Francisco, CA - ABC 7 reported on the heartwarming story of a group of strangers who helped save a young baby and her family after their car vered off of highway 101 in Brisbane, CA, and landed in the bay upside down. Having seen the accident, passing motorists immediately jumped into the water and rescued the young baby and the other passengers in the car. Larry Roberts was among the rescuers. Also among the rescuers was Louis Fazo of the United States Coast Guard. "It's up to us to do something, at that point it could've gone either way, she could come back or she could be gone", said Lou Fazo having recesitated the young girl. Luckily the motorists were able to rescue everyone in the car, including the young baby. Terilyn Joe of KGO -ABC 7 in San Francisco reported on the story. A link to the original story can be found here: