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Magisto App Review

Press Release   •   Aug 07, 2015 04:10 EDT

Briefly, Magisto is a web and mobile video editor for amateurs or in my case for people with both left hands.

Let’s start with a little history.

Magisto was founded back in 2009 by Dr. Oren Boiman and Dr. Alex Rav-Acha who are now CEO and CTO of the Magisto ltd. The mission of the company was simplifying editing videos for everyone, regardless of video editing experience. According to CEO Boiman himself, the inspiration for Magisto came to him when his first daughter was born in 2005. Like every new parent, he and his wife were eager to make home movies about their kid and they were frustrated because it took them two weeks to come up with three minutes of video they were proud of.
This sounds very familiar, except that for me it wasn’t a video with kids, but a two minute trailer for my own home made lego movie “Homer and Frodo fighting pirates”. But we’ll come back to that later.

At that time Boiman was a student researching the science of Video Vision, so he decided to apply his work in Artificial Intelligence to an everyday need for millions of people.

The first release of the app was on September 20, 2011 and already on February, 2014 Magisto reported reaching 20 million users. 20 million of lazy people who want someone else work with their footage.

Now about the app itself.

If you’re looking through any information or reviews of Magisto you will probably notice a lot of statements like “it is a magical technology”. Something about magic all the time, even app’s icon has a magic wand on it.

So let’s look through the “magic” that Magisto does with your footage.

The technology is based on image analysis. The system recognizes faces, animals, landscapes, action sequences, movements and other content within the video, as well as analyzes speech and audio. These scenes are then edited together, along with music and effects, into short clips.

The interface suggests you to look through files in your Gallery as well as any media that might be stored on your Google Drive account. You’re picking the items you want to include in your final edit. And then you have a wide variety of music to choose from as a soundtrack. The selection includes big names like Daft Punk, the Queen, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, and even more current popular music. Once you’re done with the soundtrack and clips, you enter a title for the video and you are good to go. Magisto will do the rest.

The negative side for control freaks and positive side for really lazy people like me is that Magisto doesn’t offer you any control at all, but it does the job for you. To improve the output you should improve the input. This is the closest you can get to controlling the process. So, in order to adjust the footage, the best you can do is to improve the source material.

A freemium business model of Magisto is simple as well. You can use the app for free as long as all you need is short teasers and clips, but if you’re about to create a real full-length film you should go premium. After you upgrade you can have unlimited cloud storage, upload 30 clips and 30 photos per movie and, of course, create longer movies.

Bottom line.

Well, I can say for sure that it doesn’t suck. Of course, the weird thing is that Magisto is a video editor that doesn’t even let you actually edit anything. And it won’t be a tool for you to create content. But it wasn’t the initial goal of the creators of the app anyway. If you want to make some quick short, polished video compilations, Magisto is exactly what you need. And it is a great example of how optimized selection and algorithms can become an everyday solution for millions of people.

If you have as unique idea as Magisto guys had, our team will be happy to help you with its fulfillment.

Posted on July 13, 2015 inBlog

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