Making FIFA 20 Coins Step-by-step summary

Press release   •   Jul 24, 2019 01:36 EDT

If you find that you are winning no players when you are trying to find a player that works (even when making small profit margins of 10%), then you need to rethink your strategy. The player may either be, too famous or too rare. I hear you saying 'so what do I need to do?'. It is essential to spend time testing the mass bidding technique on a variety of players to see which work best (this is precisely what we did to bring you the examples shown in this guide). If you are using this method to make 200-400 FIFA 20 Coins per sale, then the process of testing different players out will not be an expensive one. So, the first things you need to decide is.

1. Pick a player – make sure you don't filter out any particular chemistry style. The reason for this is because it works much better if you have players that are listed in high volumes.

2. Check your chosen player's going BIN price or watch a few players and see what the current bid reaches.

3. Set your maximum price that you're willing to pay for that player. This can quickly be done by deducting 5% off the BIN price (you will have already worked this out). Then you need to be looking to add another 10-15% to ensure you make a decent profit per player. You can decrease your margins if you would like to win more players when mass bidding but you'll have to shift more players to make the same amount of money.

4. Mass bid on as many players at your chosen price (preferably up until an hour, possibly three if you want to).5. Repeat the method with other players (to ensure you are doing something constructive with your time) and then check your transfer targets to see how many players you've won. If you have time, then you can watch the players come in and then bid again if you get outbid and can still make a decent profit.

6. Finally, list players for their going buy now price (if they do not sell, then re-list them). The beauty of this method is that you do not have to invest a lot of time. You can bid on as many of your chosen player at your designated price up until an hour and forget about the cards you lose. We highly recommend you stick to your maximum amount and DO NOT get involved in bidding wars when using this method. If bidding on multiple players note down each players going rate for your convenience.