Marketing Firm Dispels "Sexist" Comments with Humor

Press Release   •   Feb 27, 2011 14:22 EST

After receiving minor backlash to their 2010 "Girls of PostcardMania" calendar, the postcard marketing giant responded with a 2011 "Dudes of PostcardMania" calendar to prove they will readily and proudly display their men in the spotlight too.

The 2010 calendar, which breaks the mold of conservative office calendars, met criticism from some of the marketers' clients, claiming the calendar exploited their female staff.

"It was just something we did," says Joy Gendusa, Founder and CEO of PostcardMania, who can be seen in the September photo. "We have attractive employees, people kept suggesting we do it — so we did. All the girls were on board, fully dressed and we certainly didn't exploit or try to offend anyone. This new calendar reflects that we have a sense of humor as a company."

The 2011 version of the calendar, intended for staff use only, was actually thought up by a few of their male employees, who undertook the project on their own time, and then brought the new calendar to Gendusa for approval.

Nicholas Lorden, one of the brains behind the "Dudes of PostcardMania" calendar, says it was a way to loosen people up. "Basically," he says, "I thought it would be really funny to have some of the guys from the office do the same poses the girls did last year. We had no idea it would turn out so hilarious though, or that Joy would print one for the whole staff! I love this place."

Whether the new calendar convinces the critics remains to be seen, but it's clear that amongst the Maniacs there are no thoughts of sexism — just laughs for every month of the year.

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