Mary Defeudis Announced as the 2009 Recipient of the Bowditch Award

Press Release   •   Feb 09, 2010 21:40 EST

Massachusetts, USA - Signs of Mary DeFeudis’ generosity are evident across the Worcester landscape. If the cause is worthwhile, chances are Mary is a supporter. Her support of the Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts is a perfect example.

Mary believed in the theatre from the very beginning and was our “leading lady.” She gave the first major individual gift to the project, kicking off a successful individual gift campaign that continues to this day. Like Mr. Bowditch, Mary has made her contributions with modesty, and like him, she has set high expectations. Mary worked tirelessly on the theatre project. She not only donated, she hosted numerous events to tell the Hanover Theatre story.

Mary became an active member of the Worcester Center for the Performing Arts Board. Finally, Mary was the “conscience” of the Hanover Theatre, never allowing a corner to be cut and always insisting on quality. For her generous spirit and high standards, the WBDC proudly awards Mary DeFeudis the 2009 Bowditch Award.