Massive Virtual World for Kids Promotes History, Culture, Creativity and Awareness for the Environment

Press Release   •   Jan 06, 2010 23:36 EST

During the Christmas Eve of 2009, thousands of children from over 130 countries waited in barely contained excitement as the clock counted down to the launch of The Travels of Wiglington and Wenks Virtual World.

One year in the making, The Travels of Wiglington and Wenks Virtual World launched amidst much fanfare. It did not disappoint, as evidenced by the number of fan praises pouring in within the first few days of launch.

Currently this massive virtual world for kids offers children the opportunity to travel to and explore real world places like the Grand Canyon, Madagascar, Amazon, Singapore, Great Barrier Reef and also imaginary locations like a Pirates’ Den and Wiglington Town.

Already bigger than most other virtual worlds in terms of size, The Travels of Wiglington and Wenks Virtual World will continue to grow as it introduces even more locations over the next few months – covering places like Egypt, China, USA, Japan, Brazil, Europe and even places from the past and future like a Jurassic jungle, an ancient medieval town and a futuristic city.

The creative team behind The Travels of Wiglington and Wenks - award-winning new media studio MediaFreaks - designed the virtual world based on a foundation of balancing fun with education – offering children the opportunity to learn while having tremendous fun. For example, dozens of clickable items offering well-researched knowledge lie scattered around the virtual world. Children find it almost irresistible to seek them out and collect them to their Travel Wiki – an innovative travel diary system unique to the virtual world - and in the process learn about these items.

Another learning feature is disguised in the form of quests where children are required to help famous historical people stranded in the present era regain their memories. In the process of helping them, children will learn about great historical personalities like Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Graham Bell, Albert Einstein, Beethoven, Sir Stamford Raffles, the Emperor Qin, Cleopatra and many more.

Madagascar, Amazon and the Great Barrier Reef were amongst the seven locations featured at launch due to their important relation to environmental issues children should be aware of - such as over fishing, coral preservation, forest conversation, animal protection, etc. Children can increase their knowledge of environmental threats and the locations through playing games and collecting 'Wiki' items.

Children are also given ample tools to explore their creativity – being able to build their own islands and houses and also share their artwork on virtual art galleries.

“Account” - an online fan of the newly launched virtual world - says, “In school they do not seem to teach us about the important people of the past that helped shape the world as it is today. I am learning something new every day from this game. In school they would just have us read from a text book. I like how the game allows us to learn in an enjoyable way.”

Aldric Chang – Creator and Chief Executive Producer of the virtual world – comments, “Like what many of our players say – the developers and players of Wiglington and Wenks are all one big family. It’s not just a client relationship for us; it’s a friendship we have forged with these children. This is a virtual world built upon understanding what they need and want and what is best for them.”

Fans can register to play in The Travels of Wiglington and Wenks Virtual World for free at

About Wiglington and Wenks Worldwide - Wiglington and Wenks Worldwide Pte Ltd is the parent company of the joint venture between John Bittleston, Eliza Quek and MediaFreaks. John Bittleston is Chairman and CEO.

About Mediafreaks - Mediafreaks is an award winning Singapore-based tech new media entertainment and 3d animation studio focusing on interactive digital media marketing and animation services and the production of free online adventure games and cartoon animated series.

Since 2003, MediaFreaks has produced hundreds of projects requiring animation either as a support element or a core feature in the creative process. Although MediaFreaks is now offering a lot more than just animation services, animation has been and remains the soul of MediaFreaks’s identity.

The video featured here is our general show reel, a consolidation of our projects over the past year and a testament of the talent and creativity we inject into our animation projects. We hope that you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed producing it.