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Press Release   •   Dec 29, 2015 02:09 EST

Though game producers always try to make the game perfect, it is unavoidable that some small BUGs appear, and there is no exception in wow. WOW has seen many interesting bugs in the past years, which have been modified for game balance, but we can never forget the classic memories. While enjoying the game with cheap and safe wow gold, let’s take some time to review the common bugs and glitches in the previous expansions. Merry christmas and happy new year,Time to join safewow XMAS Party now:Up to 10% off wow gold for sale during Dec23,2015- Jan2,2016.

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1. Corrupted Blood

This was a nasty debuff that came from Hakkar, which would periodically sap players’ life and lead to death. What’s worse, this debuff can be passed on to other people who were standing around the afflicted player. Finally, Blizzard fixed Corrupted Blood but its effects will never be forgotten. In fact the Corrupted Blood plague had aroused much concern and even researchers studied it to get easily understanding of real-life diseases.
2. Wall jumping

Wall jumping was a famous glitch that employed by those people who love to explore the world. Many of people may not think of it as a glitch, but as some blocked off areas are blocked off for a reason, wall jumping was definitely defined as a glitch. This ability allowed players to jump a ?wall? or other barrier and enter an area, however, you would still fall to the ground when failed to jump.
3. The non-flying Pet

Previously, pets would just follow players when they mount. However, when flying mounts introduced in the Burning Crusade, problem came out. Every time you mounted and flied someplace, your pet you were dragging along with you, except they'd be running on the ground super-fast and aggroing dozens of mobs.
4. Vanishing Boats

When rode on a boat back in vanilla WoW, players were occasionally meeting a little more than reaching to the next continent smoothly - boat was disappearing. This would happen in black water and caused fatigue debuff that may lead to death unless you reached the land successfully. As a result, players would be forced to spirit res, taking a big repair bill and a ten-minute debuff for their troubles.
5. Kite him to vael’s room

This was a tactic that used to take down boss that players had difficulty with. The battle field in the BWL was divided into two layers, and standing on the upper layers would make you much safer. It was firstly used when some guilds got to Chromaggus and started wiping on him in the room of Vaelastrasz the Corrupt. And because some bossed in BWL can be kited to Vaelastrasz room, people finally they use this tactic to reduce the bosses’ difficulty, and it finally got the name as “kite him to vael’s room”.

While taking advantage of glitches is never encouraged, many players have witnessed some interesting places during the past ten years. What are the most memorable glitches you've encountered? Though they have been fixed, the game itself is becoming more and more attractive with continuous new additions, so just buy cheap wow gold on safewow to enjoy your wow life!

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