Mega-launch selling pure Jamaican black castor oil

Press Release   •   Feb 26, 2011 06:49 EST has made its presence in the web world quite recently. Masses, especially the female fraternity is developing an affinity for the brand being sold, viz., Tropic Isle Living’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil. Compared to the conventional castor oil black castor oil has more ash content that helps in rendering a blacker and lustier appearance to the hair. Viewing the initial feedback received the owner of the site Julian is expecting that his website, is going to make good progress and its launched products are also to be expected in demand.

For seeing the varieties of black castor oil being sold it is recommended that people interested in the product visit the website. This product is most popular the black hair care industry. From the website it is found that the various products are sold in different package sizes. A variety of shipping charges are existent depending upon the class and the zone being selected. JBCO, as is evident from the name is manufactured in the scenic locale of Jamaica.

The product has endured the vagaries of time. Conventionally, women have used this product significantly considering its detoxifying properties. It has also proven to be a fantastic hair tonic. It can trap the moisture in the hair to retain its texture. The oil needs to be applied in low quantity during bedtime. Praises of JBCO are visible in various places like YouTube. Innumerable videos have been posted on YouTube regarding the efficacy and utility and versatility of the product. Women have reported that hair growth in the various regions are rapid and within a short span of time one can notice filling up of bald spots accompanied by hair growth in the scalp.

From the website it is found that the oil apart from to serving the dual role of a scalp and hair conditioner is an effective skin healer and moisturizer. It bars any kind of virus, yeast, bacteria, and molds to develop, thereby sorting various skin issues. The oil has shown to be effective against constipation being a strong laxative. It is also employed in relieving lumpy, achy breasts. It is employed for treating burns, injuries, and cuts suffered in the fist. A major component of this oil is ricinoleic oil and it helps to impart purity to the oil. Hence men can also derive befits from the use of this oil. In the website blogs are noticed from the creator of the website on TIL’s various products like JBCO and Jamaican Lavender castor oil. Again they are existent in different sizes of bottles like 4 and 8 ounces.

Blogs are present on topics like oil for bathing and associated body care purposes, hair and skin care, Pimento oil, etc. Additionally there are uncategorized blog posts that are existent on too. One of the products sold by TIL (Tropic Isle living) is its All Natural Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo with Shea Butter.parabens, suplates or toxic chemical elements. The other natural ingredients existent are Aloe Vera, Shea butter and Jamaican pimento oil. The combination of these three natural products imparts the stimulating benefits required for dry hair. Conventionally the organic seeds of castor oil are roasted and subsequently grounded. These processes produce castor oil that is totally pure and dark brown. The dark brown hue is the indicator of the purity of the Jamaican black castor oil. Additionally, a burnt odor is emanated too.

The manufacturer of this product can obviously feel confident regarding the success of this natural product businesswise. In this era of cut-throat competition it is critical for the product to be really good in order to stay ahead in the race for quality black castor oils. Jamaicans have a long-drawn history of producing black castor oil. Considering the versatile use of TIL’s Jamaican black castor oil including hair care, skincare, body massage and treatment for aches and cuts it is expected to do so. The beans initially grew in Eastern Africa and were later transported to Jamaica by the slaves. Nowadays, Jamaican black castor oil finds application in enhancing hair growth in the eyebrow and eyelash regions too. You can talk more about this subject on the black hair care forum Tropic Isle Living has added lavender for its recharging and pleasant fragrance.

Symptoms like eczema an liver spots, are also treated by Jamaican black castor oil. According to the latest released reports the ailment of the dreaded psoriasis is relieved in certain cases depending upon the exact category of the ailment. It is also believed that the oil aids in blood circulation promotion by removal of the harmful toxins. It is logical that with improved blood circulation a greater quantity of nutrients and vitamins would reach the scalp and protect the valuable hair follicles and roots. People would be wise to be online and know more about this product.

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