Microphone Market Analysis - Market Drivers

Press Release   •   Jan 11, 2017 04:14 EST

Microphones have always been a technologically driven product and the advancements in technology in terms of form factor, sound-to-noise (SNR) ratio, and quality has driven the market to new levels. The demand for smaller or handy consumer electronics devices, better mobility cost effectiveness, reliability, and enhanced sound experience has pushed the microphones market to enter into new and emerging applications. Moreover, the evolution and ever increasing demand for mobile consumer electronics devices such as smartphones, tablet, wearable’s, and headsets has also created huge market opportunities for microphones in last decade.

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The report gives a comprehensive study of microphones market size by analyzing microphones by technology, type, and application. The two major types of microphones identified are wired and wireless. The wireless microphones are majorly operated using Bluetooth technology; among others are Wi-Fi and Airplay. The MEMS based microphones are gaining huge popularity in the consumer electronics industry owing to its small form factor and cost effectiveness. For instance, with huge volume shipments of smartphones, the MEMS microphones market has witnessed huge growth in last decade.

Microphone Market

  • By Technology - Wired and Wireless
  • By Application - Consumer Electronics, Commercial, Video Surveillance, Medical, Automotive, Aerospace and Defense
  • By Geography - United States, United Kingdom, APAC and ROW

The report analyzes and covers all the application markets for microphones and the possible opportunities in new applications. Some of the major applications covered in the report are consumer electronics, commercial, video surveillance, medical, automotive, and aerospace and defense. Consumer electronics application is currently shares highest in the Global Microphones Market, with major part coming from MEMS microphones.

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The report also focuses the geographic markets, with special emphasis on North America, Europe, APAC, Latin America, and Middle-East and Africa. Developing countries like China, India, and Brazil are the forerunners in terms of demand for microphones currently, and it is expected that the trend is going to continue through next 5 years. Apart from regional perspective the report also gives detailed insights on country level analysis of the microphones market and identifies new opportunities in such countries.

The drivers, restraints, and challenges in the microphones market growth are identifies with its impact in coming years. The demand side and supply side factors impacting the market are also analyzed. The report also gives insights on pricing trends of microphones and effect of change of price on market. The leading suppliers, manufacturers, OEMs, ODMs, and end-users are identified and mapped in the report.

The competitiveness in the industry is measured on the basis of business development strategies adopted by the leading vendors of microphones in the market. The strategies adopted by the players are new product launches, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, agreements, collaborations, and Jvs.

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