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Press Release   •   Jun 06, 2017 22:17 EDT

Hello, guys in SWTOR! As the swtor credits buy weather is getting hot, many players’ SWTOR are running sluggishly. Has your SWTOR gotten any temperature issues? If so, please take it easy. Swtor2credits, which has cheap swtor credits for sale, will guide you to solve these temperature issues with easiest ways.

Check your task manager for usage
When your hard drive is busy or failing, you should open task manager and go to the resource monitor to check your task manager for CPU usage and memory usage while playing the game. Resource manager can also give an indication to what processes are taking up what resources. Your hard disk could be trying to do too many things at once, which is the obvious culprit. It could be a sign of a failing hard disk, or you could have some applications to perform operations in the background, especially Norton antivirus is notorious for high resource usage.

Download CPUID HWmonitor to monitor temperature
In an effort to monitor temperatures, you need to download CPUID HWmonitor and leave it running in the background while running SWTOR. The “MAX” will be listed for the highest recorded temperature, which is a normal operation for a year-old GTX 960 in a well-ventilated case. If the temperature is in the mid 70s and higher, it's likely your card is getting throttled back to avoid overheating.

Make sure nothing could steal resources
Also you must make sure that you are not running anything that could interfere with the game or steal resources. You can try starting a clean boot, such as Windows 7 to run SWTOR to check whether there's a possible conflict or not.

Leave the game downloading to a different drive
When there wasn’t any patch data to download, and you really want to make certain which may be overkill until you've tried every other possible solution, you can leave the game downloading to a different drive or directory while you are sleeping or otherwise away. And after doing so, you must make sure this fresh install doesn't have BitRaider.

SWTOR is an incredibly sensitive program. Please make sure nothing could influence your game playing. What’s more, if you are wondering where to buy swtor credits with lowest price and fastest delivery, Swtor2credits must be your best choice. Have fun!

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