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Mizuno MP-67 Irons Designed For Low Handicappers

Press Release   •   Sep 14, 2010 05:06 EDT


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Continuing the award winning success of Cut MuscleTM technology, the Mizuno product development team has developed a new muscle back iron featuring an innovative "Slender" Cut Muscle design. This new Slender Cut MuscleTM allows the player complete ball control by pin-pointing the COG inside the muscle back design. Utilizing our Grain Flow Forging® and Cut MuscleTM technology, the design team was able to provide a neutral COG relative to the shaft axis and a consistent sweet spot location for exact trajectory and distance control. The cambered sole of the MP-67TM allows the player precise shot making capability from all types of lies. The MP-67TM long irons achieve a mid-high trajectory, while the scoring irons deliver a mid trajectory.
The MP-67TM offers unmatched ball control by utilizing a new "Slender" Cut MuscleTM Design to precisely position the COG from iron to iron.

Every set of irons is designed to suit a certain type of player who has his own skill level. Many golf club manufacturers are striving to produce irons with a lot of forgiveness, a quality that beginners are looking for. Not every iron, however, meets the maximum degree of forgiveness desired by most players. Mizuno has introduced the MP-67 Irons which have been created for more advanced players.

As an advanced, or low handicap, player you are probably looking for irons that are more workable. Mizuno has been known to produce the right irons for low handicap players. While many people will say that experienced golfers should be able to hit any club, they still need the right set of irons for a successful game.   The Mizuno MP-67 is not meant to hit off centre shots because golfers will lose distance and plenty of feedback to prove it. If you are a high handicapper, this club will easily let you feel where you went wrong.

If you are a low handicapper you will find that the Mizuno MP-67 Iron Set give you consistent distance, lots of spin and shot shaping control.   Another reason why these irons are meant for single-figure handicappers is that they are blades with a small sweet spot. This means that the player must have good swings consistently. At a retail value of $1,000, the MP-67s are not the most inexpensive irons. A more experienced player may want to invest in these irons for that price.

With such a responsive feel, these Mizunos will help improve your game considering that you can stay on the green with a good swing. If you are new to the game, you may want to consider another Iron, but if your swing is decent the MP-67 can really help your game.

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I started playing the Mizuno mp33 about 8 years ago with a 25 handicap. It did not take long to learn that the center of the clubface is the only way to hit a good shot. After tuning in my swing and lots of practice, 3 years, I was down to a 16 handicap. Now, after trying all different types of irons, all different brands, cavity back, forged cavity, muscle back I am playing the MP67. Smooth as butter and very accurate. I am currently a 4 handicap and working hard to shoot under par. If you want to take your game to the next level get a set of Mizuno MP series. Cavity backs just make you play better not swing better.

The Mizuno MP-67 are Simply awesome. The best clubs I have had by far. Quite right that you need to be a low hanicap. The sweet spot is very sweet but can be brutal if you are only very slightly off. Definately worth their weight in gold the best irons available by a country mile.

Purchase: Purchased at a golf shop.

Pros: Excellent Mizuno quality forged irons. Very easy to work the ball, good feedback on contact. Good distance and nice ball flight. If you like the feel of forged irons, these are some of the best available.
Cons: Very little in the way of foregiveness. Pretty much the MP-33 blade with a small cut out in the middle of the back of the head. Not enough foregiveness for anyone other then really good iron players.
Quality: Excellent quality as with all Mizuno irons. Grain flow forged irons are as good as they get.

Review Summary: The MP-67 is pretty much the MP-33 Blade irons, with a small 'cut muscle' cavity in the lower portion of the back of the head. This is NOT a cavity back club, it's a BLADE with a small cut-out in the lower half of the blade. Just a little more foregiving than a full blade, but not enough to notice be anyone other than a good iron player. The MP-67's are only for the really good iron players

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