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Modani Furniture Tells You How to Spice up Your Love Life with Home Décor

Press Release   •   Feb 04, 2010 16:29 EST

February 4, 2010 – Miami, FL- Impressing your significant other doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Set aside the cliché date night consisting of long walks in the park, romantic picnics, or dinner and movie because Modani has come up with alternative ways to surprise your sweetie right in the comfort of your home.  Modani takes their designer furniture selections and tells how to spice up your love life with your home décor.   It’s unique, affordable and convenient, and guaranteed to set sparks flying.

1. The Dining Table – Tulip Table

Sit down to a romantic dinner, express your feelings and reminisce those teenage years when both would reach out and touch each other’s feet under the dining room table while others around you had no clue.  The smaller the table the better, try the Tulip Dining Table. Nobody will know.

2. The Bed – Majestic Bed

On February 14 and any other day as a matter of fact, what a better way to start your loved one’s day than by cooking his or her favorite breakfast served right in bed.  An oversized platform bed with a plush headboard like the Majestic bed increases maximum relaxation. A perfect morning delight.

3. Sofa – New York Sofa

No need to pay $10.00 for a movie and endure it surrounded by complete strangers.  Sit down on a comfy leather sofa sectional, such as the New York Sofa, and watch a romantic movie while enjoying each other’s company.  Rambo, Casablanca, either one has never seemed so romantic!

4. Love Seat – Chesterfield Love Seat

They do not call it a Love Seat for nothing. Cuddle up on a love seat, such as the Chesterfield, with your loved one to reminisce about embarrassing moments or how the two of you first met. Relive those “butterflies in your stomach feelings” all over again.

5. Outdoor Furniture – Patio Love Seat

Entice your loved one by sitting together under the stars on the Patio Love Seat, and take advantage of a starry night and glowing moon. Who knows you might bump into a shooting star; make a wish, even if you already have it by your side.

6. Coffee Table – Squadri Coffee Table

Create a romantic picnic around a low-lying Squadri coffee table with a perfect combination of wine, cheese and for dessert chocolate fondue. This indoor picnic is perfect rain or shine and even relieves the stress of pesky ants.

7. Bench – The Royal Bench

Just like after a nice stroll in the park, place a royal bench on your balcony and share a romantic moment side by side overlooking a perfect view.

8. Oversized Mirror – Venetto Mirror

Set the mood with some music and transform your living room into a spacious ballroom with an oversized Venetto mirror. The amplified space is perfect for sharing a dance and admiring love’s reflection.

9. Soft Lighting – Opera Chandelier

Create sweet memories by testing your culinary skills in the kitchen. Make a romantic dinner together and enjoy it just as your would in a fine restaurant under the glowing Opera Chandelier.

10. Rug

In need of a little down time after a long week? Unwind and sprawl out on the rug with your sweetheart. A perfect foot massage and back rub might just be what the doctor ordered.

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About Modani: Modani offers modern furniture at a wholesale price that is three times more affordable than the average designer furniture store prices. Founded by Nathan Cohen, Steven Athea, and Yonel Fellous from Paris, France, they launched Modani Furniture in Miami, Florida in 2007 and, since then, received much success in the midst of the economic downfall. Increasing sales both from the Miami showroom and online at led the launch of their new showroom in New York City. Modani conceptualizes on showcasing Modern Furniture by using clean minimalist lines, cool tones and new modern styles with bold features. Modani has grasped the attention and decorated a variety of interiors for well-known entrepreneurs and national celebrities including the Trump Towers, P. Diddy and Lady Gaga. Modani continues to make headway locally and across the nation, generating up-to-the-minute designs for the modern furniture world.

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