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Modern Plant Planters

Press Release   •   Jul 25, 2013 08:08 EDT

Modern Plant PlantersModern plant planters come in a large variety of shapes, sizes and colours. They are also made from a wide variety of materials including Fiberglass, concrete, bamboo, recycled wood, stainless steel and of course, clay.

Modern plant planters send the right message

Thanks to the 'green', 'eco-friendly' and 'bio friendly' revolution, businesses today want to be seen as earth-friendly and therefore bring indoors the Japanese garden setting. They invest in potted plants of flowering and non-flowering varieties including bonsai. They buy expensive modern plant planters that promote a friendly ambience throughout the office. Often these modern plant planters sport corporate colours and brands.

Customers are more receptive

Generally speaking, you will notice an abundance of plants in areas where customers and the public interact with the business. Plants especially flowering plants in nice, tasteful modern plant planters accentuate the area dramatically. The message is one of friendliness and goes a long way in making the customer more relaxed and therefore more receptive to any sales pitch as compared to a typically aseptic environment which is generally business-like, non-friendly and non-relaxed.

Employees more productive

Potted plants in beautiful modern plant planters not only help businesses deal more effectively with customers, it also helps the work environment in that the staffs too are in a better frame of mind to tackle the challenges of the day. A plant is like an antidote to modern work related stress. Although most corporate houses have a contract with a plant hire firm that looks after and changes the plants on a weekly basis, many businesses encourage their staff to look after the plants in their office cubicle. It helps de-stress the employee and bring back focus on the job. Aesthetically designed modern plant planters go a long way in enhancing ambience. It also helps bring in a little bit of 'home' into your office environment.

Enhance beauty

Modern fiberglass planters come in all shapes and sizes. So even if the home or office has a tiny ledge, there will be modern plant planters of the right size, shape and colour for that perch. All you need is some creativity in using modern plant planters to transform your living space into a beautiful landscape.

The same applies to homes. Modern plant planters can be used on patios or yard or your landscape lawn. Modern planters are durable and stylish and are made from a large variety of materials including fiberglass, steel, glass, bronze, terracotta, clay and concrete to name a few.

Modern plant planters can be placed along pathways, entry ways and alleys. They can be placed on the ground, hung or bolted to a wall. Being beautiful, you can even place a Bonsai plant in it and place the planter on your office desk.

Whenever you decide to upgrade your living space, think modern plant planters because they add elegance to nature's beauty.

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