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More People Studying English In Intensive English School Setting

Press Release   •   Feb 10, 2011 02:11 EST

[Boston, Massachusetts] - February 9, 2011 - In today's competitive global economy, a lot of people around the world are looking to expand their economic and even cultural opportunities by learning a new language. In the business world, English is the most widely used language, but this also holds true for much of the academic world, as well. There are a variety of reasons that people today choose to learn English, but for many people, more than mere classes are required in order for them to be able to gain the kind of hold over the language that they need. This is why many of those seeking to learn a language today favor an approach that will more fully immerse them in the language, and possibly even the culture, of English or other languages that they choose to study. The more in depth approach is seen as a way to get a much more intrinsic grasp of the power of learning a language that one

understands on more than just the level of proper recitation.

In this spirit of total immersion, the Boston Academy of English was established to help those who want to thoroughly learn the English language be able to get their skills in a friendly environment that gives them the depth of learning they speak. For those who choose to come here to study English, the experience can be life changing, offering them a culturally relevant experience that gives them more than just the best of language skills training. The Boston Academy of English approach introduces students to more of the English speaking cultural insights that are really needed in order to fully comprehend the language. Students who complete their studies in this kind of setting report that they have a much higher level of confidence when they communicate in the language they have learned because they more fully understand all of the specific nuances of the language. For this reason alone, the

Academy is a top choice for those who want to be able to express themselves as clearly as possible in any setting where English is the language in use.

For those who want to learn more of what the school has to offer, a visit to will be able to show more of what is offered in terms of unique study opportunities. Free lessons are also available as well as distance learning programs.

Marisa Krall
Boston Academy of English
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In the business world, English is the most widely used language, but this also holds true for much of the academic world.