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Press Release   •   Nov 07, 2011 23:58 EST is a music marketplace for serious lovers of music. It is the most premier website for songwriters and musicians who want to sell or buy music. Any band, individual artists, and songwriter can license and sell his songs through this interesting portal. Apart from songs, they can also sell their lyrics and music directly to films, media, TV, and even other artistes. However, this does not mean giving away your hard work so easily. If you want to sell your music online, the sellers can enter a contract according to their needs and wishes through this portal.

This is a site which has been made for songwriters and for the benefit of song writers. There are different kinds of contracts that you can enter with films, TV, and media, and from artist to artist to sell your music online. The main aim of this website is to help all types of musicians and songwriters to license, market, and offer their ideas to many sources across the world which is otherwise difficult to access. No third or fourth parties are involved. This is a direct way where the songwriters and musicians can find a commercial place for their work. This website is also like a forum where besides interacting with other music aficionados, you can also learn new things and sell your music. Apart from other music lovers, artists can also meet performers and professionals from the entertainment industry located globally to buy and sell their creations.

The artists can be rest assured that their music is safe and would not be tampered with or go into wrong hands. They would be paid their due if they decide to enter a contract with the buyers before they sell their music. You, as an artist, can sell your lyrics by setting your own terms and price for your music. You also get to decide the best way to control the sale, the handling of the music, and the end users who would be using the music. Based on the contract that you choose, you can even retain 100 percent rights of the material. You can even choose to sell the material completely to the buyer or select anything in-between. The main thing is that it is you who gets to decide before you sell your songs.

The site is responsible for handling all the transactions that take place between the buyers and sellers. This allows you to handle, manage and sell your music online. The music will only be released after you agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract. Also, it will only be released after the buyer has meticulously checked all the music and after he makes the payment due to you. This music marketplace does not charge any fees from the buyers or sellers except a 10 percent transaction fee when the deal is done and when you get the full payment. In fact, you, as an artist, may be entitled to some royalty payments in the future. The TV and Film contracts are an exception and are royalty free. However, the songwriter is paid the public performance royalties directly. is the premier online music marketplace for songwriters, bands and artists to license and sell your music online directly to t.v, film, media and other artists.