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Musician Nature Ganganbaigal debuts Mongolian-themed solo album, “To Where Tengger Leads Me”

Press Release   •   Sep 24, 2014 16:59 EDT

Mongolian & Chinese composer and musician Nature Ganganbaigal (known as Tianran Zhang in Chinese) has announced the release of his first solo album titled, “To Where Tengger Leads Me”. The new album features original compositions, written and performed by Nature who combines traditional Mongolian folk music, like Horse-Head Fiddle and Throat Singing with full orchestral and modern electronic music to create a Hollywood-styled soundtrack. “To Where Tengger Leads Me” is now available on iTunes, Amazon and on Bandcamp at:

Nature Ganganbaigal’s work has been featured in many diverse commercials, films and video games with his film score recently performed in Symphony Space on Broadway. In addition to the new album, you can experience Nature’s captivating work in the following film and game projects at

Nature Ganganbaigal on “To Where Tengger Leads Me”: What happens when epic music meets Genghis Khan? The most unique representation of Mongolian traditional music combined with epic soundtrack style!

Written and produced by Nature Ganganbaigal, “To Where Tengger Leads Me” gives you an experience of the epic Mongol Empire through a fusion of orchestral sounds, a variety of vocalizations and Asian instrumentation. Not only will you hear the distinctive strings of the horse-head fiddle but also the valiant sounds of the galloping steeds, the blowing blizzard, the riding warriors, and the thundering drums under the great welkin! With 12-tracks completing Nature’s solo effort, “To Where Tengger Leads Me” is a glowing representation of Nature’s ability to perfectly combine his traditional Mongolian culture with modern music.

About Nature Ganganbaigal
Nature Ganganbaigal, Mongolian music composer from China (Chinese name: Tianran Zhang). Nature writes music for commercial clips, trailers and games for both indie studios and large media firms such as China Central Television. His wide ranges of music styles include traditional orchestral music and electronic influenced modern film score. As a former Microsoft UI designer, Nature has the strong sensibility on visual media and filmic language. Nature is currently studying in New York University finishing his film music graduate degree. As the winner of 2014 New York University Film Score Competition, Nature’s film score was performed in Broadway.

Official website:

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