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Myron Bernard, Music Artiste Consultant and Entrepreneur, launches 
ArtisteTALK Conversations website and signs with 7 Sails Management.

Press Release   •   Aug 07, 2015 10:00 EDT will launch on August 7, 2015. The new website will be offering an intimate glimpse of the entertainment industries most notable music sidemen and women to the stars. Some of the artists featured are musicians Taku Hirano and Leland Sklar, American Japanese singer-songwriter Masumi, radio host Shane, artiste singer-songwriters Arnold McCuller and Matt Cusson. The website will also introduce interviews with new up-and-coming performers that are strong music personalities that the public should keep their eyes and ears open for. There is an old quote associated with the entertainment world that states, “Sometimes it’s not what you know, but who you know" that has a way of staying true, and the launching of Myron Bernard’s ArtisteTALK Conversations indicates this.

The new online website is an enlightening interview platform created by Bernard and offers a series of short interview conversations. The interviews focus on this special community of upper echelon musicians, singers and side personnel to the stars along with other entertainment creatives. Some of the interviewed artistes have become legends in their own right, each known for their touring and recording contributions while supporting various major superstars.

Myron Bernard explains, This is not a new idea, it’s just an intimate delivery from my point of view. The magic of music is still a potion that is created behind the scenes, but mostly the services these artistes perform are not always recognized. In my original vocation as a personal manager I catered to some of the best musicians and vocalist in the music industry. Many of my duties were divided between personal consulting and providing contracting services to record labels, hiring and recommending talent for tour support for both major and indie recording artists. The backing and supporting talent deserve more recognition and visibility in the spotlight for their contributions. We hear and see them, but we don’t always know who they are.”

ArtisteTALK Conversations provide insights into the history, goals and other creative art expressions that each artiste has a passion for creating. 

These various art forms go beyond their musical abilities that they have become known for bringing awareness into their artistic canvasses, which keep them balanced in a creative world.

ArtisteTALK Conversations provides an opportunity to eavesdrop into the music industry from those who have helped pave the way and continue to do so while making a living in the business. The conversations note the importance of being true to your craft in the music business, or otherwise.

Myron Bernard states, "Today your music, your drive, and determination alone aren't enough to propel you towards success in the entertainment industry, I believe in the history. I believe that it is important to hear from those who came before us and understand what allowed them to have long standing careers. And to a larger degree, how they arrived to be successful with their craft."

Jody Stiller Orellano – Founder of 7 Sails Management.
7 Sails is a boutique management company that represents talent for Film, TV and Theater whose clients are performers, writers and producers, will now add speakers and music advisory to their roster by signing Myron Bernard. “It's rewarding representing Myron Bernard. We have known each other for a long time and share some of the same ideologies about how the industry works and the opportunities for the future. Myron is all about empowering the entertainer, from the artiste to the musician and the background singer-songwriter, by providing them with motivational knowledge and determination skills he helps them to succeed in reaching their goals.”

Shane Ngwenya – Award winning Kaya.FM Radio personality.
"The impact of building strong global relationships is crucial and exciting, Shane states about his collaboration with Myron Bernard. We are currently working on a joint venture for the South African radio audience. When you are able to hear what it takes to be successful from others who have crossed this bridge and are living their dreams, you want to share their experience. My personal belief is when you give back and share your knowledge you will maintain a solid foundation that you can continue to build upon.”


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