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Natural and Organic Food in Health Food Stores

Press Release   •   Jul 31, 2012 07:17 EDT

Natural and Organic food stocks fill the shelves of natural health food stores. A health article described natural as a finished product while organic also mentions the food production process. Organic foods are supposed to comply with or even exceed the regulations of the United States of the Department of Agriculture. These crops are grown through organic farming. This method is known for recycling resources and advocating biodiversity.

The Food Marketing Institute has said that the demand for wholesome and environmentally- responsive food has led to the increase in organic and natural foods. Organic foods are relatively expensive compared to traditionally-grown products so natural foods have become an option for those who have limited budget.

A full decade ago, the Agriculture Department created the National Organic Program to set standards for the mushrooming organic food enterprise. Farmers must not use artificial pesticides; make genetic changes; and, use petroleum-based or sewage-slush stimulants on their produce to enhance growth and earn a label of 100% Organic. On the other hand, organic livestock and poultry must be able to go around and be free of growth chemicals and antibiotics. Natural implies that no synthetic additives, sweeteners, food coloring, or hydrogenated oils were added to the food product during processing. Even if the Organic Program calls for measures to make certain farmers follow policies, manufacturers of natural products are not mandated to go through independent inspections. Since regulations are lax, merchandise in supermarket shelves, including soft drinks and potato chips without nutritional value, can make the natural claim anytime.

Until now, there are no particular guidelines prescribed by government agencies as to what make up natural food. The Food and Drug Administration classifies natural food as having no artificial ingredients. This includes any item mixed with the food product or any other ingredient not naturally contained in the item.

Purchasing organic food from natural health food stores can reduce toxic chemicals in your body. This is essential for kids whose immune systems are still undergoing development. Organic or natural foods still are better alternatives because many of the pesticides used in normal farming may have carcinogens, which increase hazards of certain cancers. Animals injected with growth hormones to increase their produce may also lead to cancer danger. The organic produce being propagated by the Agriculture Department will be more costly due to the stern rules that farmers must adhere to.

When it comes to food labels, natural and organic cannot be identical terms. Both mean that the contents are guaranteed more wholesome and healthy. Yet, if you check underneath the label, you can perceive absolute differences. Natural and organic foods are not the same when it comes to the regulations that regulate their production to the contents of the finished product. Likewise, labels on natural meat and poultry items should spell out the use of the term natural. One example is the indication that there are no artificial ingredients. Labeling meat and poultry products as natural implies nothing about how these foods were raised. This means that the animals could still have been given to hormones or antibiotics.

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