Neutron Detection Market boosted by recent Japan-India nuclear deal

Press Release   •   Nov 18, 2016 05:17 EST

The detection of nuclear radiation has become vitally important in the modern world as the memories of Fukushima and Chernobyl still remain fresh in the minds of the public. Any kind of nuclear spill results in a great amount of destruction and human beings and nature. The rot is not only temporary, but can also last for decades as observed in the case of Chernobyl.

Nuclear energy has received a boost due to the rapidly growing concern for climate change. Since renewable technologies cannot be relied upon, nuclear reactors are slowly popping up. The trickledown effect has led to a growth in demand for detection instruments as well as advances in radiation detector technology.

Scope & Regional Forecast of the Neutron Detection Market

The Neutron Detection Market deals with the confirmed identification of neutrons in a certain object or region. The detection of neutrons can be broken down into 2 distinct components: hardware and software.

Hardware refers to the neutron radiation detector and other neutron detection equipment necessary whereas software consists of the analysis tools needed to perform a graphical analysis of the quantity or strength of the neutrons being detected.

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The detection of neutron technology produced by the Neutron Detection Market can be utilized for various purposes. The Neutron Detection Market provides neutron detection equipment which enables the measurement of power in nuclear reactors. Space travel, nuclear research and nuclear reactors are dangerous undertakings which have to be taken with proper radiation safety equipment in place.

The search for alien life has also been boosted by the Neutron Detection Market through neutron monitors. Detection instruments are vital while handling special nuclear material like Uranium-233. The CERN is currently undertaking a massive neutron detection experiment in Europe. This experiment is set to test the very fundamentals of our scientific understanding.

Hence, the Neutron Detection Market plays a very vital role in several industries. IndustryARC expects North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific to continue their growing demand in the near future.

Segmentations & Key Players involved in the Neutron Detection Market

The Neutron Detection Market can be broken down into various segmentations on the basis of –

Application: Portable Monitor Replacement, Mobile Detection, Discrete Scanning, Nuclear Power, Radiation Safety, Reaction Instrumentation, Others.

Technology: Geiger Counter, Spectroscopy, Organic Scintillator and Neutron Sandwich.

Type: Fast Neutron Detector, Gas Proportional Detector, Scintillation Neutron Detector, Semiconductor Neutron Detector, Lithium Large-Area Neutron Detector.

A fast neutron detector undertakes the detection process by first slowing down the rapid movement of the neutrons. The disadvantage of this is that the original energy of the neutrons cannot be analyzed.

Some of the key players involved in the Neutron Detection Market according to IndustryARC are as follows:

  • Mirion Technologies
  • Scientifica International, S.L.U.
  • LND, INC.
  • Proportional Technologies, Inc.
  • Kromek Group Plc.

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