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Press Release   •   Jan 10, 2018 03:45 EST

So, uhm, this is an interesting one.Snap up neverwinter astral diamonds ps4 with 3x reward point to access Winter Festival Twilight Tor It’s an open secret that players that never zoned out of the Twilight Tor map are not automatically expelled,?even though the event is long over. The daily quests and mini events are no longer available, but you are able to access all vendors and fish. Since the devs never cared to comment on this one, it’s not known whether it’s intentional or not. It actually would make some sense to preserve the vendors so players are able to spend their remaining currency. However, there’s already the usual “last chance vendor” in Protector’s Enclave. Additionally players are still able to fish on the map, and gather campaign currencies this way. That’s a distinct advantage over toons that zoned out of Twilight Tor anticipating that the map would no longer be available after the event was over.

Bug or Feature?

So while there’s a chance that it’s some kind of feature, it’s probably not. Not commenting on issues usually means that something is going on. Also, why leave the area open, but remove it from the Overworld Map and add another last chance vendor in PE? Last but not least, you would expect that something like this would have been communicated.

Not the First Time This Happened

It’s not the first time players can access Twilight Tor longer than intended by the way. Normally all characters used to be automatically transferred to Protector’s Enclave on the next login after the Festival’s end. While that was initially working correctly last year, it stopped after a couple month. Toons that you hadn’t logged in for a while, and hence never triggered the transfer while it was active, would find themselves on the Winter Event map as well. Just like this year, you could fully use all vendors and fish.

Overall it probably can’t hurt to stay on the map until you’re forced out. It’s a nice looking hub for alts with a mailbox and vendors to sell stuff. Just don’t forget that you can’t zone out manually. Once done, there’s no way to come back.

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