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Press Release   •   Feb 13, 2017 02:38 EST

Though the Sea of Moving Ice campaign is over, the heroes of Neverwinter are granted no respite upon their return to the titular town. That’s the setup for the new Neverwinter River District, a daily quest zone being introduced to the MMORPG.

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Senior content designer John Hopler describes the River District Adventure Zone, a region of Neverwinter that was previously occupied by the town’s more opulent denizens before the Spellplague. The district is now a staging point for Lord Neverember and his attempt at reclaiming the city from an evil wizard’s cabal.

Players will have a variety of tasks in order to hinder the wizard’s plans, including defending and rebuilding guard posts, defeating members of the cabal, and exploring underground treasure vaults and defeating the enemies within. Completing activities in the River District grants players Reclaimed Riches, which can be used to progress the zone’s campaign and can be turned in for rewards.

The River District will also be introducing a new method of daily quest completion, letting players choose their path to completing the zone dailies instead of following a specific series of quests. “You can play the territory control game with the guard posts, activate and explore treasure vaults at the dig sites, participate in heroic encounters to stop wizard rituals and counterattacks, or just defeat enemies throughout the district,” explains Hopler. “The bulk of your daily credit simply comes from playing in the zone.”

The River District will be the centerpiece of the game’s next expansion, which will also include new quests, trading opportunities and the return of the Spellplague Caverns. The expansion is due to hit the game’s test shard soon.
Our Thoughts

The River District sounds like a far more active and fluid daily zone than others in Neverwinter currently, which can only be a good thing for players. We’re sure it will only be a matter of time before players sort out the most efficient way of earning daily credit, but the option to mix things up is still appreciated.
Your Thoughts

Is this the sort of dailies zone you want to see more of in Neverwinter, or do you think dailies were better left to quest lines? Share your thoughts about this story with us below.

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