Neverwinter Winter Festival gift:10% off astral diamonds neverwinter sale,Double Events and Free Items around

Press Release   •   Dec 18, 2015 02:37 EST

Finally, the Winter Festival has hit Neverwinter on both PC and Xbox one from Dec 17 to Jan 7. Alongside it, players will get not only kinds of rewards from parcels, but also a series of promotional events to get cheapest items! Just buy neverwinter cheap ad and check out the schedules for PC and Xbox players.

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Events and sale on Neverwinter pc around winter festival

1. 20% discount: From December 17 to December 21 (begins and ends at 10AM PST), PC players can enjoy 20% off on all bags from Zen Market, including Runic Bag of Holding (36 slots), Greater Bag of Holding (24 slots), and Bag of Holding (12 slots).
2. Free items: The following items can be obtained from Zen Market for free on different dates (all start at 2AM PST). Among all, the Winter Wolf mount can be claimed on every character and can be reclaimable on the free day, while other items can be claimable only once, and bind to either the character or the account.
Free Bag of Holding – December 26
Free Stone of Health – December 27
Free Experience Booster – December 28
Free Blood Ruby – December 29
3x Free Preservation Wards – December 30
5x Free Scrolls of Life – December 31
Free Winter Wolf Mount – January 1
3. Double Events: (start and end at 10 am pst)
2x Guild Marks: December 17 - December 24
2x Profession Resources: December 20- December 27
2x XP: December 24- December 29
2x Enchants & Runes:December 27- December 30
2x Refinement Points:December 29- January 4
4. Mysterious Egg: Dec 17 – Jan 7 (starts and ends at 10AM PST)
Purchase and open a Mysterious Chicken Egg during the hatch period will grant you either the Chicken companion that will increase your power while summoned and give you +40% movement speed, or a Cockatrice companion that can turn enemies to stone and give a 10% chance to root the source of damage taken for 3 seconds.
Winter festival events for Neverwinter xbox one players

1. 20% off: From Dec 17 to Dec 21 (begins and ends at 10AM PST), xbox players can get 20% off for all items in the Strongholds category in the Zen Market, including Strongbox Keys x 20, Strongbox Keys x 5, Golden Bells, Stronghold Chest of Power, and Stronghold Starter Pack. In addition, a 2x Glory event will be running during the same period of 20% off sale.
2. Free Items: The following items can be obtained from Zen Market for free on different dates.
Blood Ruby – December 24
Winter Wolf Mount – December 25
Neverember Guard Companion – December 26
Bag of Holding – December 27
5x Scroll of Life – December 28
Stone of Health – December 29
Dragon Slayer Glyph – December 30
Courtesan Fashion – December 31
Neverwinter Vanguard Pack – January 1
3. Double event: (start at 10 am pst, end at 9:59 am pst
2x AD/RP/XP/Enchants & Runes: December 21-December 29
2x Seals/Guild Marks/Glory/Profession Resources: December 29- January 4

With lots of items for sale, you’ll confront a tense festival environment and warm hearts in the frigid winter. Just buy neverwinter astral diamonds xbox or pc on safewow, and mark the dates to make sure you won’t miss any festival fun!

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