Neverwinter Winter Festival Rewards Guide for PC Players

Press Release   •   Dec 17, 2015 02:27 EST

The time has come...The Winter Festival of Simril is finally here. Along with it, all neverwinter players can get a parcel every day, which grants a chance of earning increasingly fantastic rewards. If you have prepared enough neverwinter astral diamonds and want to start your exploration, take some time to learn about the details about rewards you can get on PC version.

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Some rewards that PC players can gain from the festival

Gift-giving and surprises are two ways to spread the Simril spirit. Speaking to the giftmaster in Twilight Tor during the festival period, you will get a parcel every day. Opening the parcel will grant you many amazing rewards, and every parcel you open will increase the chance of getting rarer items. In addition to all of last year’s rewards, many new items are included in this year’s festival. Here you can see some amazing rewards that you can obtain in the parcel.
1. Beacon of Simril: This artifact should be the biggest addition of this winter festival that provides a chance for players to refine Artifact easier after the Masquerade of Liars artifact. Except for a temporary power boost, it may be upgraded to mythic quality through lumens. Considering there’s a Double RP weekend coming up Dec 31st to Jan 4th, Mythic quality could be in range.
2. Lumens: As a required refinement item to upgrade Beacon of Simril to epic rank, Lumens can be found from Starlight Parcel during the festival. The Gift of Simril will reward your party members (not you) when you release lanterns into the sky before being showered, so try to team up with more friends for more rewards. You can also purchase additional Gifts of Simril for more rewards, or buy additional Starlight Parcels for more chances at rare gifts and a Gift of Simril in every parcel. Also note that Lumens can be obtained in contests such as winterkill emblems, rings of lights and the like.
3. Demon Sled: This new racing sled will grant legendary mount speed of 140% while in Twilight Tor. Adventures need to collect blacklead from joining in Ice contest, fishing up new fish in Twilight Tor, and completing content, and then create a duergar demon sled to help Darek Hammerstone, a refugee and craftsman to finish his racing sled in the seasonal slalom races. Players who have good fortune may also find a blue Frozen Demon Sled that moves at legendary speed in Twilight Tor.
4. New Snowy Fawn companion: This new companion is a variant of the classic winter event companion with a snow white coat. Except for a unique active companion bonus, the fawn also grants you a different set of runestone slots.
More characters will grant you more rewards

To clear confusion, some players told on reddit that you will get one parcel per character rather than one per account, which hints that more characters will yield more rewards. Thus, a small tip here is to stock up character slots to be able to claim as much daily Parcels as possible. Besides, gifts are always bound while contents are mostly not, except currency and other items that would be (character/account) bound on pickup. If you get a gift from a gift party, the contents of those were character bound, because they are "presents from your friends".

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