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Gothenburg synth-pop band returns to the Swedish Substream label with new EP

Press Release   •   Mar 25, 2014 01:55 EDT

After 10 years of indie electro and alternative music, Swedish auto-auto returns to the label where it all began, Substream.

During the past ten years, Gothenburg based auto-auto have been making alternative electro music and played numerous gigs and festivals around Europe. Their first album was released on Substream music group in 2005, as the first artist to be released on this label. In 2006 the band released their EP, totem, which was the first EP to be released under the then newly translated-into-Swedish creative commons license.

Auto-auto has always gone their own way and after venturing into trying their wings on german label out of line for two albums and one EP (Celeste, 2007, dancing through dark times 2011, THE SKIES ARE YOUR HUNTING GROUND 2013) the band is now back to release their two coming EPs underwater sounds pt1 & pt2 on Substream. “It feels like coming home in away, also the EP format suits us much better than the album format, we are happy to be back at Substream and they always given us the artistic freedom that we need in our creative process” says the auto-auto guys Erik Frankel & Johan Hellqvist.

With the new EP suite auto-auto have done things from scratch, exactly the way they want it in terms of everything from writing to mastering. “It has taken a lot of time, and it might seem off-putting for some people to have such a long creative process, but we are in no hurry, we just wanted to make it the exact way we wanted it.” Johan explains and goes on:

“It is sort of like the dance music that we want to listen to ourselves, a mixture between modern electro, the sounds of the 90's and 80s and whatever fell into our studio on recording day, usually a bucket of coffee and some bottles of red wine”.

The first EP is set to be released on the 23rd of June – and alongside this, auto-auto will also make an exhibition in Gothenburg together with Japanese artist Synnoske Matsumi that created the cover art and the new auto-auto logo.

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The release is coming out on Clubstream Blue, a part of Clubstream, run by the Substream Music Group of Sweden. Clubstream Blue is specialized in progressive house.

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