American Cancer Society

New American Cancer Society Book Offers Problem-Solving Approach to Family Caregiving

Press Release   •   Nov 08, 2011 03:55 EST

A person's life changes when they are told they have cancer. Life also changes for that person's spouse, partner, adult child, friend, or other family member who is about to become a caregiver. The caregiver may take on responsibilities that used to be reserved for trained health professionals. The American Cancer Society Complete Guide to Family Caregiving, Second Editionis a practical, easy-to-use guide for anyone dealing with the challenges of cancer treatment and caregiving.

The book includes information on a wide range of issues a family caregiver might encounter, such as: managing caregiving, including being an effective caregiver, helping children cope, and dealing with finances; navigating the medical system; dealing with emotional responses to cancer and cancer treatment such as depression and anxiety; dealing with physical side effects of cancer and cancer treatment; and preparing for and dealing with end-of-life care.

To be effective, caregivers must take care of the person with cancer and also take care of themselves. Helpful sections in the book provide caregivers with guidance on how to deal with the physical stress of caregiving, with feelings of being overwhelmed, and with a range of emotions. Dealing with cancer and cancer treatment is hard, for the person with cancer and for the caregiver. This essential guide can make the journey easier for both.