New Baton Offers New Way To Restrain Criminal Aggressors

Press release   •   Jun 16, 2011 13:33 EDT

[Frisco, TX] - June 16, 2011 - As crime continues to be a top concern in not only the United States, but many other nations around the world, it is becoming even more important for law enforcement organizations and other official bodies, such as the armed forces, to have humane ways to control aggressors. While criminals turn to lethal means to do what they do, through innovation law enforcement officials have found new ways to gain the upper hand over even extremely violent offenders without having to take on the lawsuits that come with injuring a suspect. One crucial concept in today's civilized societies is that a suspect is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law so this means those in law enforcement must do what they can to bring the suspect in without causing them permanent harm along the way. Many of those charged with keeping the peace are looking to a new device known as the Control and Restraint Police Baton that goes further than former models of the baton, offering a brand new way to allow an officer to take control over a suspect while still greatly reducing liability concerns.

Intelligent design is the advantage that inventor Chris Harris has brought to the forefront of the police world with his new baton, named the Sidewinder. With this new Control and Restraint Police Baton, police will be able to effortlessly gain a hold on a suspect and take them down while still having a hand free for other hazards. The specially designed baton hooks onto the suspect's arm or leg and uses leverage against pressure points to take control of the situation. This device offers to help those groups that put it into a use greatly reduce the risk of liability, part of why so many are considering including it as part of their officers' required tools. This simple way to end a violent situation the way police are expected to in today's world is a great help to police organizations that have been facing more common criticism in today's world of widely distributed videos of police brutality. With the Sidewinder, police no longer have to issue multiple baton strikes in order to subdue a rampaging suspect.

Those interested in learning more about the Sidewinder Baton can visit, contact or call 214-250-1626 to learn more right over the phone.

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 As crime continues to be a top concern in not only the United States, but many other nations around the world.