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New Cleantech Investor Survey

Press Release   •  May 22, 2012 12:39 EDT

New Cleantech Investment Survey - Live now through July 1, 2012.

WASHINGTON, May 22, 2012 – Dual Citizen Inc., a Washington-based consultancy, surveys cleantech investors annually to gather their perceptions of how well 27 nations and their main metropolitan area promote cleantech investment.  The results, along with assessments of national green leadership, green growth policies and green tourism, will be published with the 2012 Global Green Economy Index (SM) this September.

Please find a link to the cleantech investment survey here:


 “Nations and cities at various income levels and stages of development are beginning to consolidate their positions in the fast-growing global green economy.  The Global Green Economy Index provides these stakeholders with expert perceptions of their standing, a measurement of their performance, and strategic insight on how to employ communications to advance national, city and multilateral agendas in this space,” said Jeremy Tamanini, the founder and lead consultant at Dual Citizen Inc.

The enhanced 3rd edition of the GGEI will offer more specific insight into how experts polled view different cleantech investment opportunities globally.  In addition to measuring general perceptions, our survey ranks which nations offer the best climate for commercializing cleantech; which countries best foster cleantech innovation; and which investment/export promotion bodies are best organized to support global cleantech investors.

Dual Citizen Inc. provides governments and international organizations with analytic tools and strategic communications consulting to advance policy and economic agendas.  In addition to the 2012 GGEI, the firm will introduce a social media analysis tool later this year.


In Washington - Jeremy Tamanini - Jeremy@dualcitizeninc.com

Download the 2011 GGEI here: http://www.dualcitizeninc.com/ggei2011.pdf

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