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New digital product for kids, B’Bop and Friends promotes positivity and education through e-learning and gaming

Press Release   •   Dec 13, 2013 19:35 EST

The B'Bop and Friends series focuses on the life of children with diverse backgrounds, conquering challenges, and achieving great things

Founded by Gre-Fonda Hardy, “B’Bop and Friends” is an educational learning e-series for children. The colorful animations feature four main African-American characters from diverse backgrounds as they venture through a range of fantasy and real-life experiences.  The new e-series targets children from the ages of 5 through 12 and offers an interactive learning experience.

Primarily focused on encouraging youth to excel through reading, “B’Bop and Friends” 3D products are not only a great learning resource, but are also entertaining. The main character Jordan aka “B’Bop,” is an outgoing kid who takes us on his journey as he excels through learning, experiences friendship and overcomes bullies.

His accounts are relevant to today’s youth and his insight promotes positivity. The first series of e-books include: “Meet B'Bop and Friends,” “B'Bop and Friends Stop The Bullies,” and “You Are Your Dreams.” The downloadable e-books are compatible with both Mac and Windows and are also available on Apple iPad, iPhone, Kindle and android based tablets. To purchase the “B’Bop and Friends” e-series please visit:

About B’Bop and Friends

B’Bop and Friends was originated from a desire to write children stories with the hope of imparting wisdom, educating, inspiring and encouraging our children to read and learn. The B'Bop and Friends series will focus on the life of children with diverse backgrounds conquering challenges, resolving conflicts and achieving great things. We will integrate technology, fantasy and real life situations to inspire excellence among our youth. Founder and CEO Gre-Fonda Hardy will also launch a line of products for toddlers called Lil Smart Kidz in spring 2014.



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