New Jersey Immigration Attorney: An Integral Part of the Legal Team at Jadoo & Zalenski Law Firm

Press Release   •   Nov 11, 2010 07:38 EST

Jadoo and Zalenski is a leading law firm located in Bergen County, which offers customized counsel and representation to their clients in New Jersey. Being extremely well versed in the New Jersey legal system, they have the experience and depth of resources to provide expert legal aid in all areas of law. If you need the advice of a New Jersey immigration attorney or a New Jersey criminal lawyer, they are best legal firm to approach.

American immigration laws are the most difficult to comprehend as they are complex in nature and beyond the grasp of the common man. It is in this context that the services of an experienced New Jersey immigration attorney becomes crucial to ensure that matters of immigration visas, deportation, and permanent residency are dealt with properly and to the benefit and satisfaction of the concerned individual.

The legal firm of Jadoo and Zalenski offers their clients a whole range of immigration services such as:

  • Employment-based temporary and non-immigrant working visas (H1 B, H2 B).
  • Employment and family-based immigrant visas.
  • Defence against deportation and political asylum.
  • Applications for naturalization and citizenship.

They represent their clients before all departments connected to U.S. immigration services. Their New Jersey immigration attorney is an expert on U.S. immigration laws and well equipped to make fast decisions when such urgent legal needs arise.

The legal firm of Jadoo and Zalenski has vast experience as expert criminal defence lawyers in the New Jersey criminal justice system. Their New Jersey criminal attorney can help secure the best possible outcome in cases involving drug crimes, domestic violence, sexual assault, and crimes such as burglary, theft, robbery, and white collar charges.

The law firm of Jadoo and Zalenski understands the intricate details of the most complex real estate transactions. You can use their expertise in the area of real estate while undertaking both residential and commercial dealings. Legal representation is provided in a variety of legal matters as their attorneys handle the cases related to real estate right from the beginning to the proper closure of a deal.

Like their expert New Jersey immigration attorney, they also have similar expertise in the field of family law. They help families in matters such as contested or uncontested divorce, alimony and child support, paternity cases, post-decree modifications, and pre-nuptial agreements.

If you need help in municipal court and traffic violation cases, then the law firm of Jadoo and Zalenski offers you all the legal help you need to overcome the problems posed by such cases. They can be approached for cases related to violations in moving, DWI, DUI, domestic violence, and crimes committed by juveniles.

A dispute that calls for tough negotiations necessitates the need of a tough-as-nails lawyer. Attorneys at Jadoo and Zalenski have the skills and experience to present your claims cases in the court with the right degree of aggressiveness.

All the attorneys, be it the New Jersey immigration attorney or the New Jersey criminal lawyer, possess a rich and diverse professional background.