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New Medical Equipment : Biosurgery - Europe Analysis and Market Forecasts

Press Release   •   Oct 26, 2016 08:05 EDT has recently announced the addition of a market study “ Biosurgery - Europe Analysis and Market Forecasts ”, is a comparative analysis of the global market.

Biosurgery - Europe Analysis and Market Forecasts


Prompt hemostasis, effective incision closure, tissue and vessel sealing, and post-operative adhesion prevention have been paramount concerns for surgeons for decades. As medical technology advances, the surgeons toolbox expands to include more effective products that actively cease bleeding, close external and internal ruptures in tissue, and provide physical barriers between tissues to prevent dangerous adhesions. These biosurgery products have become indispensable keystones in any operating room environment.

This report focuses on the biosurgery market outlook for the European space. It provides a comprehensive analysis of major companies, product portfolios, unmet needs, market drivers, barriers, and overall trends. The European countries covered in this report are the France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, and the UK

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Key Questions Answered

- What is the current and future market outlook for the biosurgery space in the European market?

- Which are the key, high growth markets? Which segments are growing the fastest?

- What are the unmet needs? What is the scope for more innovation and what are the end-users looking for in their products?

- What are some of the newer innovations that may fulfill these unmet needs? What are the physician perceptions and market outlooks?

- Baxter and Johnson & Johnson are the market leaders in the biosurgery space. What are their market shares in the European space and which companies constitute the remainder of the market?

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- What Physicians Think quotes provide a unique insight into how healthcare professionals are reacting to events within the industry, and what their responses could mean for industry strategists. In this report you will understand the perceptions of leading physicians and other stakeholders from around the world. This information is essential for all strategic decision makers in every organization allowing them to act on high quality information.