New Neverwinter Subscription Model VIP Program Releases with safewow astral diamonds giveaway in AU.12

Press Release   •   Aug 10, 2015 03:44 EDT

Recently, Neverwinter has introduced a VIP program as a new hybrid subscription model in game. People purchase a VIP pack with Zen from Zen Market and earn VIP points and game time. And VIP points can be used to unlock in-game perks, including more bonuses to XP and Astral Diamonds.

What is VIP program in Neverwinter?

VIP program is a new subscription model in which players are allowed to buy a VIP pack from Zen Market. VIP packs work on point and rank system, a pack for one-month use values 1000 Zen and nets player 100 points and 30 days of VIP time, as well as in-game perks.

Besides, if one chooses to open another VIP pack during VIP time, it will stack and add an additional days to the timer. Certainly, the VIP points and rank will be accumulated as the VIP timer goes up.

Currently, the more VIP days you purchase once, the more cost-effective it is. The VIP pack for 30-day use is 1000 Zen, 90 days for 2700, and 180 days for 5100. Every 30-day VIP time will grant you a rank. The VIP Packs will go on sale on the Zen Market when Strongholds launches on August 11. So stay tuned!

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What benefits can people gain from VIP packs?

Generally speaking, the more in-game time you subscribe, the more in-game perks you will be able to unlock. As your VIP rank upgrades, you will be able to unlock the following perks one after one. All of them need be claimed every day, or they will disappear once the opportunity lost.

Per character:

10% bonus to: XP/Glory/Profession XP excludes some professions.

VIP zone: Moonstone Mask

15% bonus AD on daily quests in Protector's Enclave

15% bonus AD on hourly events

10 level-appropriate ID scrolls

All active companions earn 20% XP (summoned earns 100%)

Team buff when grouped

1 Dungeon Delve Key

Per account: 1 free Enchanted Key

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