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Press Release   •   Aug 29, 2012 23:32 EDT

   (Huntsville, Al. August 29, 2012. For immediate release) Can the Riflemen shoot the Pack Men? Are the Swamp Lizards hungry? Do the Blue Blazes smell worse than the Greek Soldiers and how hard will the Engineers have to work to wreck the Fighting Gobblers?   

   This may not sound like a college football preview program but it really is. It’s Stanley’s Stinkers, a program where reverse prognostication is the key.   

   Each week, Stanley’s Stinkers will take the top games and analyze the teams to predict the losers, not the winners as is the normal custom with college football series. Those predictions will be available as a podcast on-line at and in a select few newspapers across the southeast.   

   “I am one of the biggest college football fans around,” says Stinkers host Stanley Reese. “But, I had grown tired of hearing the same old media hosts break down games and tell us who would win the upcoming games. It really kinda got old to me”.   

   That is why, according to Reese, he started Stanley’s Stinkers last year on Facebook and why this year he chose a different stadium to play those predictions in.   

   “What we are doing certainly isn’t new”, Reese confesses. “One of my heroes growing up was the host of Leonard’s Losers radio show. I listened to that every week in the fall when I was a kid. He inspired my less-than-stellar career in broadcasting and my love for college football”.   

   A former newspaper sports writer, radio play-by-play host and television sports anchor, Reese now works in accounting and said he came up with the plans for Stanley’s Stinkers as a way to get back to his fun days in media.   

   “Football is supposed to be fun. Broadcasting is supposed to be fun,” Reese contends. “It’s not about having hate for your rival. It’s a game and it’s time that we go back to those fun days”.    Stanley’s Stinkers podcast will be available every Tuesday for free at There is also a blog on the website for fans to make their picks or voice their opinion. The print version of Stanley’s Stinkers can also be found in select newspapers across the southeast.   

   “I think this is something the fans will want to support because it’s fun. That’s what it used to be and that’s what is should be”, Reese added. “With the fan’s support, we can bring back the fun”.


 (Reese can be contacted at or by phone (256-874-5080) for interviews. Newspapers, on line news services and magazines interested in carrying Stanley’s Stinkers for free can request a contract and a weekly copy of the print version by email or by phone.)

Stanley's Stinkers is a free weekly college football prediction service that relies on Reverse Prognostication to accurately and cunningly pick the losers of the biggest games.