MBMI Steel Buildings

New Site Launched

Press Release   •   Sep 01, 2010 16:24 EDT

For the past year MBMI has been building their new site and make it easy for user's to navigate the site and get all the information they are searching for in a more efficient matter. The new site has pictures describing all the content, this makes it easier to learn about the product and it gives the user a better feel.

MBMI offers specials for each city in the US., on the new site they have designated a building specials page with different building specials for any application. Whether the user is interested in an agricultural, commercial, industrial, or residential building, MBMI has a metal building special for it.

MBMI's new site truly has everything the user needs to learn about metal buildings designs, energy saving options, component details, panel colors, and their exclusive 30 day express delivery! MBMI even included a glossary on the new site.

MBMI has over 100 testimonials on their site, these testimonials are all available to be contacted, (MBMI will contact the reference prior to the user calling them) each steel buildings testimonial includes a paragraph that the reference wrote and a picture of their building, some of the testimonials include video!