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New Site Streamlines Home Appraisal

Press Release   •   Feb 01, 2011 22:59 EST

The way the simple system works is that prospective sellers are able to fill in a very simple web form, which will then be submitted to the site. The contents of this form are then used to select a panel of local appraisers, who are then passed this information and prompted to contact the seller, nothing could be simpler.

Ken Fry, Head of Marketing for Appraisers Plus tells us that, “We (Appraiser Plus) saw a wide open need for such a service within the marketplace. Anyone who has ever gone through the process of arranging for home appraisal will already know how hard it can be to find the right appraiser. We take this task away and perform it for our website visitors.”

The service does not stop at home appraisal though, the site also offers access to jewelry appraisers and real estate appraisers. Offering visitors the chance to receive up to three free quotes from affiliated appraisers. Ken Fry commented on this by saying, “It may seem odd to some people to find a site offering home/real estate appraisal quotes alongside jewelry appraisal quotes, yet it makes perfect sense. All three are high ticket value items, which can and do require appraisal before being put on the market, the system is the same even if the item being appraised is not.”

If we look at the service in detail we find that there is a second facet, designed to complement the first. Upon submitting a valid ZIP code, the user will be given contact information for the closest two or three appraisers to their locale. This is a valuable service, as it removes the need for sellers to use traditional methods such as the telephone directory, to make hit and miss calls to possibly qualified appraisers.

So far we have only looked at the benefits the site can present those wishing to have their items appraised. Now let us consider the value of the site for the appraisers themselves.

Appraisers of real estate, homes or jewelry who register with the Appraisers Plus service, are positioning themselves to receive useful, relevant and solid sales leads. Visitors to the site already know they need an appraiser; they simply need to find the right one, either by location or in terms of the service offered. This form of reverse marketing will be of obvious value to many appraisers, who until now have been utilizing more traditional marketing avenues to find their clients.

Ken Fry supports this supposition by telling us that. “Of course the site will benefit both parties, we are acting as the middle man and as all good middle men know, the party at either end must receive tangible value.”

It is clear that the team behind Appraisers Plus have put much effort into delivering a site which is both easy to use and above all, entirely useful. This kind of site has often been criticized before for positioning themselves within a niche which did not need to be filled. However, is no such site; it offers both the customer and the appraiser added value above and beyond most traditional means of introduction.


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