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Nobel Laureates explore the secrets of ageing

Press Release   •   Sep 23, 2014 11:04 EDT

For how long are we going to live? Does longer life equal increased health? These are some of the questions that audiences around the world will discuss with 6 Nobel Laureates and a wide range of experts and thought leaders during Nobel Week Dialogue on December 9 in Stockholm. Registration opens today on and the event is free of charge.

As part of the official Nobel Week programme, Nobel Week Dialogue seeks to stimulate global dialogue between science and society. Each year, a unique panel of Nobel Laureates, world-leading experts and inspiring thought leaders come together with live and online audiences to engage in a dialogue about a topic that poses a crucial challenge to our society. This year, Nobel Week Dialogue is set to explore new scientific and cultural perspectives on ageing.

Among the 6 participating Nobel Laureates are Elizabeth Blackburn (Medicine 2009) and Eric Kandel (Medicine 2000) who will talk about the biology of ageing, while Laureates Eric Maskin (Economics 2007) and Daniel McFadden (Economics 2000) will illuminate some of the far-reaching economic implications of the demographic shift.

Other inspiring panelists include Professor Dame Linda Partridge (University College London) who explores how both our bodies and minds can stay young, and Professor Cynthia Kenyon, Vice President of Aging Research at Calico Life Sciences, a new science centre initiated by Google that aims to maintain youthfulness and increase quality of life as we age.

Ageing – a global trend

In the year 2000, for the first time in history, there were more people in the world aged 60 or over than there were children below the age of 5. In less than 15 years, the average global life expectancy has increased by six years – undoubtedly one of humanity’s greatest achievements but also a new and global challenge. The Nobel Week Dialogue programme reaches across a wide range of perspectives, from biology and genetics to economics and culture. A few examples of the topics on the agenda are:

-  What are the economic implications of a global ageing population?

-  With an increasingly ageing population – for how long do we have to work?

-  How do we increase both life expectancy and health span?

-  We may have longer lives, but has quality of life increased?

-  How are old people perceived and will this change as our life span increases?

Registration is now open on More information about the programme and a full presentation of all participating Nobel Laureates and panelists can also be found here. Those who are unable to attend the event in Stockholm can follow it online via live streaming.

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