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Press Release   •   Dec 21, 2015 00:13 EST

Pressure sensor is a device used to measure the pressure of liquids or gasses in a container. The pressure is important to measure to stop the overflow of liquids and gasses in a container and to avoid the explosion or for proper functionality of machine. It works as a transducer, which converts pressure into measureable form.

The North America Pressure Sensor Market is segmented by type, which includes piezoresistive, capacitive, electromagnetic, optical, resonant solid state, and others. Pizoresistive pressure sensor segment holds the largest market share, followed by capacitive pressure sensor segment with 29.8% in 2014. Capacitive pressure sensor is suitable for the medical industry as it is small in size and consumes low power, which is driving its market. It is used for pressure measurement of small blood vessels. Small size help capacitive pressure sensor to be inserted into the vessels through string for pressure measurement.

Diseases such as congestive heart failure and abdominal aortas aneurysm are the major cardiovascular diseases affecting people. Different systems are developed for treatment of such diseases, in which pressure sensor is used. Capacitive pressure sensor is used in an implantable pressure monitoring system for blood pressure monitoring. In such applications, power consumption becomes an additional issue and these capacitive devices offer a clear advantage over piezoresistive ones.

Other potential applications of capacitive pressure sensor include intraocular pressure monitoring for the treatment of glaucoma (a serious disease characterized by an increased pressure in the eye that may result in blindness), intracranial pressure monitoring for the treatment of patients with head trauma, and monitoring of neurological patients.

Piezoresistive pressure sensor is used household appliances and automotive for various applications, such as washing machines, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, oil pressure, air pressure detection, and so on.

Scope of the Report

This research report categorizes the North America pressure sensor market into the following segments and sub-segments:

By Type





Resonant Solid State


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By Application



Consumer Electronics



Process Industries


By Geography



Table of Contents

1 Introduction 10

1.1 Objectives Of The Study 10

1.2 Market Segmentation & Coverage 10

1.3 Stakeholders 11

2 Research Methodology 12

2.1 Integrated Ecosystem Of North America Pressure Sensor Market 13

2.2 Arriving At The North America Pressure Sensor Market Size. 14

2.2.1 Top-Down Approach 15

2.2.2 Bottom-Up Approach 16

2.2.3 Demand Side Approach 17

2.2.4 Macro Indicator-Based Approach 18

2.3 Assumptions 19

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