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Novelist Exposes Fiction Behind The Facts of Obamacare

Press Release   •   May 13, 2014 23:09 EDT

Author A. W Caliburn has uncovered the first accounts of the rumored Obamacare death squads hidden inside the pages of his recently released novel, "The Claims Adjuster".

In his book, Caliburn's character is paid to eliminate the unhealthy members of the American Society whose continued existence would tax the health care system beyond their worth. This is the same premise behind the fabricated death squad, which gained so much attention in certain circles during the debate for the Affordable Care Act.

"Possible. Probable. But still not proven factually," the reclusive writer said from his home in the southern United States. "However, just because you don't see someone walking around handing out "death squad" business cards or you don't see cars with "Claims Adjuster" painted on the side, does not prove they aren't real."

The fictitious tale of Doug Nevin follows the Claims Adjuster as he eliminates a number of people including an elderly man with dementia, an emphysema patient, a recently diagnosed cancer victim, a man with aids and a drug addict who is about to enter rehab for the third time. Each one is eliminated with the creativity that only Caliburn can depict.  

"Let's face the facts: everyone has a price tag," Caliburn explained. "Spending a million dollars to keep a CEO or a political leader alive may be a good deal but spending a few hundred thousand dollars to keep someone alive who doesn't contribute to society is just not good business. Healthcare is now a business and we are all just units of measure being weighed against the bottom line."

Caliburn's novel was released on April 20th and is available at selected bookstores and online at ( . His work was recommended for the ABNA award even before its publication.

While "The Claims Adjuster" does, within its first few pages, include the disclaimer that the book is a work of fiction, it has moved some readers to consider the opportunities that exist within the highly debated Obamacare legislation.

"Some people still think the health care system can be everything for everybody," Caliburn pointed out. "But there is always a limit to how much money, how much care, how much medicine is really available. Sooner or later, someone will have to make a decision. That decision, in my narrative, falls on the shoulders of the Claims Adjusters."

(Media outlets can secure a free copy of Caliburn’s novel by contacting the author at A limited number of interviews will be granted on a first-come, first-serve basis.)

"The Claims Adjuster", a novel by A.W. Caliburn is availavle in paperback and Kindle version of Amazon.