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Occupy Your Living Room…or Car? Protest Via Foreclosure or Homeless Shelter

Press Release   •   Nov 30, 2011 12:10 EST

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – November 30, 2011 – The social stigma of foreclosure has vanished. It is now a silent protest reports Oppenheim Law.  In today’s world Florida foreclosure to some people can mean Occupy ‘The Street’ versus Occupy Wall Street. In this week’s 60 Minutes’ segment Hard Times Generation: Families Living in Cars, Scott Pelley shared a shocking fact about the Florida housing market: of all the families without shelter in the United States, one-third are in Florida. And two-thirds of Florida homeless families live on the street.

Some underwater homeowners are supporting the OccupyWallStreetmovement from the comfort of their own living room.  Other financially fractured families are living out of the back seats of their cars by night and blending into the real world by day.

While the Occupy Wall Street movement is a choice for some to abandon their homes and camp out in protest, the choice is taken from victims of fraudclosure. As Florida real estate attorney Roy Oppenheim stated “in some cases we save people from being homeless by defending their homes through the foreclosure process . . . the flip side is that there are many families who did not seek legal advice and were handed walking papers by the banksters, who illegally foreclosed on and forced them onto the "street.”

 The Occupy Wall Street movement continues to resonate with Main Street, homeowners that are underwater or in foreclosure, and the new generation of families who are living in their cars.

 “It’s a revolution born by the systemic arrogance of the banking and Wall Street community that pushed our economy off a cliff, onto the street and now continues to hold the whole country at bay with some left living in cars,” said Oppenheim.

 Some Just Don’t Get It!

“When I hear social commentators mocking the folks who are involved with the Occupy Movement, I realize they really just don’t ‘get it,” says legal blogger and foreclosure defense attorney Oppenheim. “I guess they don’t get it because they too are part of a system that has two sets of rules. One set of rules for those banks and corporations that are too large to be governed and another set for everyone else.”

 Social Stigma of Foreclosure Has Vanished

When homeowners decide to strategically default on a mortgage, or don’t have the ability to continue paying; there is no longer an embarrassment or moral issue.  One of the children interviewed by 60 Minutes put it so eloquently, “it’s not embarrassing, it’s just life.” Thus, Openheim states that the bailouts of the past few years, that only benefited a sliver of society, have galvanized the mutual sentiments of the original Tea Partiers and the Occupiers into acknowledging that crony capitalism is not what our founders had in mind and further enlarging a movement that includes not only Occupy Wall Street but Occupy Your Living Room and Occupy Your Car.

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