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Odour Control System Market Shares, Strategies and Forecast Worldwide, 2015 to 2025

Press release   •   Feb 02, 2017 23:52 EST

  Odour control systems are used to reduce the unwanted odours from the industrial/manufacturing processes. Odour control systems are present in many industries such as wastewater, paper, refineries and food & beverages. The objective behind implementing the odour control systems at the manufacturing plants is to improve the quality of the air, which industries such as wastewater, paper, food & beverages emit during the various operations at the manufacturing plants.

Over the years, before the odour control systems were invented, the operations at industries/manufacturing facilities used to get obstructed due to the bad quality of the air. For instance, if a manufacturing plant has not implemented the odour control systems, the plant can get public complains, making the manufacturing plant responsible for emitting bad odour in the atmosphere and deteriorating the surrounding air quality, which can tarnish the image of the company. The productivity of the manufacturing plant can get affected due to the odours produced during the operations at plant. With the declined productivity, the product quality also gets impacted and this is catastrophic for the company. In many cases it has been noticed that, odours have increased the safety concerns in the manufacturing plant. Many odours are corrosive in the nature, and as a result the equipment present in the manufacturing plant can get damaged.

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All above factors are forcing industries to take remedial steps to cure the odour problems at the manufacturing plant, and odour control systems are perceived to the best choice.

Global Odour Control System Market: Drivers and Challenges

The demand for odour Control System is growing with the growth in the various industries such as paper, wastewater and refineries globally, especially in the Asia Pacific and Western Europe. The government and industry regulations to curb the unwanted odour is fuelling the growth for the global odour control system market. The Clean Air Act Amendment (CAAA) has clearly defined the requirements pertaining to the improvement of the air quality at industries and surroundings. This act will be forcing many industrial plants to implement the odour control systems to enhance the quality of the air. Growth in the industries such as Pulp & Paper, Oil Refineries, Foundries, Food Processing and Textile Mills is driving the growth for global odour control system.

Though, the demand for odour Control System is increasing in the developed countries, the awareness of the odour control system in the underdeveloped and developing countries is still low. As many countries do not have stringent regulation regarding industrial odour control in place, the odour control system market growth in those countries have low growth for odour control systems, and this factor is inhibiting the growth of global odour control system.

Global Odour Control System Market: Overview

The global odour Control System market by value is expected to expand at a CAGR of around 7-9% during the forecast period (2015-2025), due to increase in global automotive production.

Odour Control System Market: Segmentation

The global odour control system market can be segmented by end-use industry, by technologies and by regions.

Based on end-use industries, the global odour control system market is segmented as:

  • Paper & Pulp
  • Wastewater
  • Oil Refineries
  • Steel
  • Automotive
  • Textile
  • Others

Based on technologies, the global odour control system market is segmented as:

  • Physical Odour Control Equipment
    • Activated Carbon
    • Ozone Generators
  • Chemical Odour Control Equipment
    • Wet Scrubbers
    • Thermal Oxidation
  • Biological Odour Control Equipment
    • Biofilters
    • Biotrickling Filters
    • Bioscrubbers

Global Odour Control System Market: Region-wise Outlook

The global odour control system market is expectedto register a single-digit CAGR for the forecast period. Depending on geographic regions, global odour control system market is segmentedinto seven key regions: North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Asia-Pacific, Japan, and Middle East & Africa. In terms of market volume and revenue, Asia Pacific odour Control System market is projectedto register a significant CAGR during the forecast period. Expected growth in industries like paper & pulp, automotive, steel, etc., is fuelling the growth of global odour Control System market in Asia Pacific. Western Europe and North America are also forecast to register a significant growth in the global odour Control System market, as automotive production is expected to grow in these regions as well.

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Global Odour Control System Market: Key Players

Some of the key market participants in global Odour Control System market are GE Water, Parkson Corporation, Vapex Environmental Technologies, DMT, B&W Megtec, etc.

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