Oilfield Biocides and Bio Solvents Market worth is estimated to Grow USD 420.2 million by 2020

Press Release   •   Nov 15, 2016 12:14 EST

Oilfield Biocides and Bio Solvents Market: By Biocide (Glutaraldehyde, DBNPA, THPS, Chlorine, Quaternary Ammonium) Bio Solvent (Hydrocarbon, Alcohols, Glycols) Application (Drilling, Production, Fracturing, Completion, Others) - Forecast (2015-2020)

Oilfield Biocides and Bio Solvents are the chemical agents which are helpful for developing biodegradability and also to lower down toxicity in order to meet their application requirements in oilfields where the operations go through different process which is affected by microorganism unwantedly. They are also used to lubricate the moving parts and help to pull out solids from bottom of wells and also prevent loss of fluids. They are used to avoid loss of energy while processing. These are used with packer fluids also which prevents in collapsing and maintaining pressure between casing and tubing. According to global market study, only 3% of biocides are used in oilfield application and rest are used in other applications.

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Biocides can be classified into two types such as oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides. They act as anti-microbial agents in water associated with crude oil production. Microbial control depends on the dosage and lifetime of the biocides. Biocides only have its effect under its presence but after removal, bacteria will start growing again, hence has to be added periodically across the oil production.

Bio solvents are those which originated through renewable resources of biological origin such as plants, fruits and so on. Bio solvents are mainly in liquid form, with relatively lower amount of carbon in it. The global oilfield bio solvents market in terms of volume was estimated to be 65.9 KT in 2014 and is projected to decline by 15.2% in 2015 as compared to 2014.

Oilfield Biocides and Bio Solvents Market

The global biocides market is segmented into North America, Europe, APAC and RoW. In 2014, North America is the major market followed by Europe and APAC. North America is the major consumer and producer of oilfield biocides and bio-solvents across the world. It is due to high production of shale oil and gas activities in North America. Hydraulic fracturing is used for fracking of the shale rocks, in which fracking fluids are used. In the fracking fluids composition, the share of biocide is only 0.001%. Biocides are highly used in production and fracking applications in countries like the U.S, Canada and Mexico. Hydraulic fracturing is the major application followed by production application in North America.

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The Key Players profiled in the oilfield biocides and bio solvents market report include like:

  • Dow Chemical Company
  • Solvay SA
  • AkzoNobel N.V.
  • Nalco Holding Company
  • ICL Industrial Products

The report analyses the oilfield biocides and bio solvents market demand with various regions. Competitive landscape for non-oxidizing biocides and bio solvents is highlighted and market players are profiled with attributes of company overview, financial overview, product portfolio and recent developments.

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