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Olink joins forces with researchers at Uppsala University to commercialize products for sample preparation products for the new DNA sequencing platforms

Press Release   •   Sep 03, 2008 03:00 EDT

Several new platforms for highly parallel DNA sequencing have been launched over the past few years by e.g. Applied Biosystems, Roche, Illumina and Helicos. Their current market size has been estimated at 100‐150 M€ with a compound annual growth rate of 35%. These new platforms enable acquisition of large amounts of DNA sequence information. The vision is to eventually sequence entire human genomes in individual runs, enabling detailed mapping of genetic disease and for human diagnostics. However, whole genome sequencing is not yet within reach at a reasonable cost. This has created a rapidly increasing demand for sample preparation techniques that enable selective enrichment of genomic regions, for example candidate regions that may contribute to genetic disease, and genes involved in cancer, for subsequent DNA sequencing. Together with researchers at Uppsala University, Olink has developed proprietary technologies for sequence‐selective sample preparation. The focus of Olink Genomics is to commercialize these technologies as services and reagent kits. The academic founders also contribute unique software to support probe development.

"We are happy to be able to team up with top scientists at Uppsala University to create a complete and very competitive company for commercialization of the Selector Technology. Our expectations are high for the company in light of its strong patent portfolio and solid scientific backing", says Björn Ekström, CEO Olink.

"The Selector Technology has great potential to rapidly become a standard in sample preparation for the next‐generation sequencing platforms. Our unique technology puts us in a very promising position in this rapidly emerging market", says Olle Ericsson PhD, CEO Olink Genomics.

Olink Genomics is a provider of innovative technology for sample preparation in next generation sequencing. Olink Genomics was founded by scientists from Uppsala University and Olink AB. Based in Uppsala, Sweden, the company's solutions will be offered to a wide range of academic, government, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and other leading institutions around the world.