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Oliver&Spike: Dimension Jumpers is leaping forward with unique game-play

Press Release   •   Aug 09, 2012 05:52 EDT

Ratchet and Clank meets Zelda meets Uncharted in Oliver&Spike: Dimension Jumpers. Combining both Adventure and Platform game-play in this stunning indie game. That alone is already a bit of a handful but there is also the game-defining dimension switching.

In an attempt to explain this complex game mechanic, the developers take to their blog and shed some more light on the subject in question.

In two posts the team details the dimension jumping aspect and how it will tie into the actual game-play of their upcoming game for console/pc/mac and smartphones:

The latest write-up focuses on how the game won't force repetitive puzzles on you and how the team plans to change it up:

Each Dimension is not only a fully explorable, living and breathing area, it's also like a new game-play mechanic by itself. Once you enter a new dimension a whole new set of skills are opening up to you but more importantly, new rules on how you can interact with your environment.

On top of this, since you can stay in most dimensions how long or short you want, these rules are yours to use and switch between whenever you need them.

"Basically, it's like having a different game in each dimension with different rules but you have those at your fingertips and ready to switch to when you need them", says Natascha Röösli.

Makes no sense? Then take a look at this short clip for a (very basic) idea how to use the switching on the first world called Auria: One of the very first times you will use dimension jumping. In this case it's to teach you the basics and to get to your objective. Don't expect everything to be as straight forward and simple as this small game-play example.

"You can use the different dimensions very creatively and you will have to", Natascha explains. "To teach the basics, the first three dimensions are quite straight forward but there are still some fun, creative things you can do. Lets say you are trying to jump down from a high ledge on Firma to reach a quest npc but you know you will die from the fall. You can now jump and while falling, fast switch to Aqual in order to use the water to break your fall before you switch back to Firma again for a save landing.

Later in the game we have quite complex challenges and rules ready for you and the Dimensions you are going to explore are going to be much more creative and tricky. Some rules in later locations might seem very negative and unforgiving until you figure out how to use them to your advantage. Combining items to get through some of the settings in the different dimensions is also an important part. "

You can read more information on the team's official development blog where they also shared a screenshot of the first basic actions you can do as a player. More complex actions will be unlocked as you progress through the story-line.

Another update outlined the technical basics of the different dimensions and how they are setup to work together in the actual game world.

The Dimensions exist in the exact same space on the actual world. Meaning, if you stand on a path on Terra, you will appear on the exact same spot on Firma if you dimension jump. Now, in the case of Firma, the Dimension might look slightly different due to events in the actual story which influenced the layout of that particular dimension. This adds an additional layer of complexity but will also be explained story-wise to ensure the player knows everything has a reason.

The game has currently no release date but is being developed for Consoles (with a possible Ouya inclusion), PC and Mac with mini-game tie-ins for smartphones.  The team will also attend GDC and Gamescom in Cologne in August.

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