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Open Data about the Nobel Prize now Available

Press Release   •   Jan 29, 2013 07:42 EST

Do you want to create your own visualisations or lists from existing information about the Nobel Prize? Nobel Media AB, responsible for media rights for the Nobel Prize, has recently completed open data projects which provide open access to Nobel Prize information for creation of customized content ranging from lists to illustrating data relationships about the Prize.

The open data includes information about who has been awarded the Nobel Prize, when, in what prize category and the motivation, as well as birth dates and the affiliated organization or university at the time of the prize was awarded. The data is regularly updated as the information on, the official website of the Nobel Prize, is updated, including announcements of new Nobel Laureates in October every year.

Hans Mehlin, Director of Technology at Nobel Media says, “By making Nobel Prize data accessible, we offer powerful exploration tools which can create new ways to present Nobel Prize content. We are excited to see how developers all around the world will use this access, the possibilities are numerous.”

For the first project, Nobel Media has developed an open, quality-assured and documented REST based API covering the basic information about the Nobel Prizes. The API can be used by developers and web sites that are interested in creating lists and content related to the Nobel Prizes.

The second project offers open linked data about the Nobel Prizes as RDF data and a SPARQL endpoint. Based on basic information about the Nobel Prizes made available through the metadata on, data relationships are built to internal and external data sources.

The open data projects fall under the Creative Commons 0 license (CC0). These projects were made possible due to grants awarded by VINNOVA, the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems. The API was developed in collaboration with Andreas Krohn and Erik Eng at Dopter. The Linked data was developed in collaboration with Hannes Ebner and Matthias Palmér at Metasolutions.

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