Oracle’s PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 Feature Pack 2 Delivers New HR Self Service User Experience with Secure Enterprise Search and Related Action Navigation Framework

Press Release   •   Nov 11, 2011 05:09 EST

Oracle’s PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 Feature Pack 2 Delivers New HR Self Service User Experience with Secure Enterprise Search and Related Action Navigation Framework

New Pagelet Based Views For Managers Provide Insight Into Organizations and Talent in One Configurable Personalized View

Redwood Shores, Calif. – Nov. 10, 2011

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To help managers better perform their day-to-day activities, Oracle today announced the availability of

PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 Feature Pack 2. Designed to change the way managers and employees use self-service HR, the new PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 applications offer a consumer-like self-service user experience that helps transform the way employees and managers perform their day-to-day activities. A new search-based, menu-free navigation capability allows users to easily locate and navigate to relevant information quickly and in context from any page. PeopleSoft leverages a powerful global search capability that goes beyond simple transaction based search. Delivered search results have filtering and specific related actions based on defined roles and security of the user. For example, a manager can now simply type in part of an employee’s first or last name and receive meaningful results from documents related to performance, compensation, learning, recruiting, career planning and more. Key HCM data is indexed to speed the search process and improve search relevancy. A new design provides greater personalization using pagelets that are designed to make PeopleSoft HCM easier to use, with a more appealing user interface, as well as reduced click counts on key transactions. The feature pack includes a new Manager Dashboard, Talent Summary, Matrix Organization, and Pivot Grid functionality, among other new capabilities.Oracle’s Feature Packs delivery method underscores its commitment to provide new functionality between major releases. Feature Packs enable a quicker response to PeopleSoft customer requests, while giving customers the ultimate choice of how and when to deploy the new functionality to their users.

PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 Feature Pack 2 Contents and Features

PeopleSoft Manager Dashboard includes a home page that consolidates key management, staff, and business unit data into a single at-a-glance access point to view and transact in context. Its content is configurable to support key metrics and decisions via individual drag-and-drop pagelets enabled by new PeopleTools technology.

PeopleSoft Talent Summary provides a unified view of talent management-related data for an individual employee in a talent roster profile format. Administrators can select the content of pagelets that will appear on the Talent Summary based on the organization’s priorities, and managers personalize the page based on their preferences for presentation layout and areas of emphasis. Talent Summary also includes graphical representations of PeopleSoft’s Performance & Potential Matrix nine box grid that provides managers a quick assessment of their employee’s performance against their potential and their impact of loss against the risk of them leaving. This matrix is used by managers to help ensure their personnel are appropriately compensated and operating at or near their maximum potential. More than 70 manager and employee self-service transactions have been tied into the related action framework. In PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 Feature Pack 2, click counts on the self service transactions have been reduced by nearly 50 percent on average, depending on the transaction, as a result of streamlining. In addition, all transactions that use the direct reports interface have reduced click counts by at least two clicks due to an updated design.

PeopleTools 8.52 introduces the new

Pivot Grid feature for operational reporting. The Pivot Grid is a new analytic capability that gives users the ability to quickly and easily pivot and filter data within PeopleSoft applications without having to export data to an external spreadsheet or data warehouse. Data for pivot grids is generated by PS Query and can be rendered in charts or analytical grids. Users can add pivot grids to application pages or pagelets. Additional features delivered with the Feature Pack 2 include:

Matrix or Dotted-Line Relationship Management, which addresses the challenge of tracking and maintaining project-based organizations that cut across the enterprise and geographic regions. Interactive Company Directory, which enables users to connect and collaborate directly with other employees and launch employee transactions or changes.

Total Rewards Statement, which provides employees with a more complete view of their compensation and benefits by pooling rewards data from multiple data sources.Talent Management 9.1 to HCM 8.9 Integration for Recruiting Solutions, which provides a complete set of integrations for PeopleSoft HCM 8.9 and 9.0 customers.

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“Oracle’s PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 Feature Pack 2 delivers a new navigation paradigm for our HCM community,” said Paco Aubrejuan, group vice president, Oracle’s PeopleSoft. “We listened to our HCM customers and focused on delivering features like Manager Dashboard and Talent Summary to help managers be more productive at managing their resources, better utilize and reward their employees, and gain valuable insight into their organization and talent pool.” "With the release of Oracle’s PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 Feature Pack 2, Sonoco believes we will see increased use of Manager Self Service with Manager Dashboard, providing managers personalized one-click access to vital employee information and manager tasks from one central location to meet their specific requirements,” said Greg Brigman, manager, Human Resources Information Systems, Sonoco. “The additional matrix relationship will significantly enhance usability of both Core HR and Talent Management by enabling additional reporting from both the direct line manager and a matrix manager without the need to create costly customizations."

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