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Outsource Data Entry: How to Get Quality Output

Press Release   •   Sep 03, 2010 04:57 EDT

Data Entry is a labor intensive job and organizations world-wide incur huge expenses on this account. In the eighties organizations started outsourcing data entry jobs to developing countries since there was a large difference between the wages paid in the developed and developing countries. Many of the outsourcers were soon disillusioned because the data quality was not up to their requirement.

To generate  high quality data a vendor needs the following from the client:

1.   Detailed specifications
2.   Sample images
3.   Feedback of the sample created.

Based on the client feedback a vendor would make changes to their processes.

After the sampling stage when the project goes live it is paramount for the client to monitor the data quality for every batch they receive. Any discrepancies should be brought to the notice of the project managers. This should be a constant process till completion of the project.

The client feedbacks that an implementation team receives help it to fine-tune their processes. This could be on the software side, operator training or interpretation of the specifications. There could be changes required to the QA process too. Client feedback is the most important aspect in generating quality data.

We at CyberData India ( ...) have been in the data entry business for over 15 years. Of the various projects worked on by us one distinctly stands out where quality was an issue for the client. In this particular project there was no communication from the client during the four months the project was being worked on! The issues raised by the client was some thing which could have been taken care of very conveniently in the early stages. But after completion of the project meant we had to go back and redo a lot of the data entry.

Outsourcers always send regular feedback to your vendors and you will never have any need to complaint.