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Outsource Data Entry to India: Primary Reasons for success

Press Release   •   Sep 03, 2010 05:03 EDT

Indian data entry companies have built a reputation for themselves over the course of years. Most outsourcing organizations prefer to outsource to a company in India. Nature of the projects outsourced vary from plain key-what-you-see to more complex data entry. Various reasons can be attributed to the preference for Indian companies. Some of the principal reasons are:

Large workforce well versed in the English language.
It is a legacy of the British Empire that most schools in India teach English as a language. As a consequence there is no derth of people who are familiar with English. Most data entry centers in India employ people who are well versed in the English language. Though they may not be able to converse in English, which is not a requisite for data entry, they are familiar with the written word. Which makes it easy for them to key data selectively based on certain criteria. Comparing this with China where we see mostly key-what-you-see kind of jobs are undertaken.

First-come advantage
Companies started data entry in India in the early eighties when PCs were not invented, on Punch Card Tabulating machines! With the advent of PCs in the 70s and 80s data entry caught on in India in a big way. In the early 90s GUI PCs were introduced and as cost of these PCs kept dropping their penetration increased. Data entry became a career alternative for hundred of thousands, just out of school/college. The almost four decades in the business have honed the skills of the Indians.

High internet penetration
Even up to the 90s the only mode of connectivity available to Indian data entry centers was very slow dial-up lines. This changed in the new millennium when broadband and leased lines were introduced to India. Every small company could connect to the net, using high speed lines, at a low cost. This brought in numerous opportunities which otherwise would never have come. Outsourcing organizations could get their data entry done online without having to worry about data security issues.

Of course some would say labor cost differential is a major factor which is driving the outsourcing. The same would be said for availability of infrastructure. But that is true for all the developing countries from Asia to Africa. What makes India stand out as a favored outsourcing destination are mainly the above three points.

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