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Outsource Forms Processing: How to Reduce Costs by Adopting Effective Solutions

Press Release   •   Sep 03, 2010 05:15 EDT

Many organizations may have outsourced their forms processing work to vendors and found they have incurred huge costs. Each forms processing work has it’s own intricacies and the vendor should work out a unique solution to make it cost effective.

To illustrate our point of view we would like to share our experience working on one project in the past.

The project involved manually entering data from survey forms, which were in the Burundian language. Each survey form was of ten pages with multiple questions on each page. Data had to be sent back to client in an excel file. There were 500 survey forms with about 5000 pages.

Solution 1
The simplest solution for this project would have been to physically code all the words, which were to be data entered as per code sheet provided by the client, with numeric values. Any operator could data enter the codes off each page. Very little operator training would have been required.

But coding is an expensive proposition and costs equal to if not more than the actual data entry.

Solution 2
What we did was break the survey into ten parts. So now it was ten different surveys of one page each for our team. Each group of data entry operators were trained for working on a particular page. So group no. 1 worked only on all the page 1s, group no. 2 on page 2s and so on.

After both first entry and verification was completed all we had to do was combine the ten databases in an excel file, copy/pasting them horizontally!

This solution saved the client cost for coding the surveys and we could turnaround the 500 surveys in about a weeks time. Our productivity was quite high, since each operator was working on only one type of data, hence we could reduce cost to the client.

Total charges to the client for the 500 surveys of ten page each $2250 i.e. less than fifty cents per page!

CyberData India, established in 1996, offers data entry solutions. We have worked on several projects which required us to enter data off forms both printed and handwritten. These could be in English or non-English as long as they used the Roman font.

We consult with each of our customer’s prior to project inception in order to provide them with a cost effective strategy. We provide unique solutions to suit every customer’s needs. Partnering with our expertise in information management will allow you to concentrate on your core business, eliminate processing overhead and provide your company with results from a proven document processing company.

CyberData India is an information management company, with fifteen years of experience in the India data entry, image editing, indexing, OCR cleanup business which give us an edge over others. Our quality control processes are ISO 9001: 2008 certified. For more information visit us at