Occupy WallStreet

Over 30,000 take Foley Square, Brooklyn Bridge.

Press Release   •   Nov 18, 2011 04:02 EST

At 3PM, thousands of students, workers, and other supporters gathered in Union Square chanting "Shut the city down!" and using the People's Mic to share stories of how banks and corporate greed have impacted the 99%. Simultaneously, Occupiers took to multiple subway stations in all five boroughs. The day of action culminated when the student strike, labor unions, and various OWS groups took over a number of streets in Lower Manhattan on their way to Foley Square before marching across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Students chanted "CUNY should be free!" and "Student Power!" as they took to the streets along 16th and 5th Avenue, shutting down traffic and leaving police powerless to respond. Police attempts to erect barricades along 5th Avenue failed to block the march, as banners reading "OCCUPIED" were seen along New School buildings.

Huge crowds marched down Broadway toward Foley Square to join another large contingent of labor unions and fellow Occupiers. Despite a massive police presence and helicopters circling overhead, protestors took Foley Square, as marchers converged and supporters poured from the subways. Over 30,000 joined as one, marching across the Brooklyn Bridge, and proving to the world that an idea whose time has come cannot be evicted. The 1% might steal our homes, but they cannot steal our truth.

Live Updates

  • 8:40 pm: People's Assembly currently happening on Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Bridge; several hundred others are returning to Liberty Square
  • 8:23 pm: There is now a people's library, a marching band and a projector on the Brooklyn Bridge, according to @occupywallst people on the ground
  • 8:05 pm: SEIU President Mary Kay Henry being arrested at the Brooklyn Bridge
  • 8:00 pm: City councilor Jumaane Williams may have been arrested at the foot of Brooklyn Bridge
  • 7:54 pm: General assembly held at 8 at the Korean War Memorial Park, just past Brooklyn Bridge.
  • 7:52 pm: From @John Harkinson, thousands of people with music, signs, honks of support. Everything peaceful.
  • 7:30 pm: The column marching on Brooklyn Bridge stretches about a mile long. From http://www.emergencystream.com/video_streams/NY/NYC3/a.html
  • 7:22 pm: chant: "we are unstoppable, a new world is possible!"
  • 7:15 pm: a massive banner reading "Occupy Wall Street" was dropped from the overhang of the pedestrian walkway on the Brooklyn Bridge in full view of traffic; hundreds of cars seen honking in support
  • 7:09 pm: A Light Show on Brooklyn Bridge is projecting "99%", "Occupy Earth" "we are winning" and other slogans of support on the side of the Verizon Building. Followed by "Happy Birthday OccupywallstNYC" Reported by @occupywallst
  • 7:06 pm: Police scanners estimate the crowd at 32,650 people. Reported by @jstetser
  • 7:01 pm: Entrance of Brooklyn Bridge City Hall station closed.
  • 7:00 pm: One source gives around 2,000 protesters on Brooklyn Bridge
  • 6:44 pm: https://twitter.com/?photo_id=1#!/AnalectFilms/status/137290008620052481/photo/1 - Taking Canal St.
  • 6:42 pm: http://twitpic.com/7fjlrc - On the Brooklyn Bridge.
  • 6:35 pm: From TheOther99, reports of NYPD intimidating the press, told Tim Pool he would have his press card revoked if he was arrested.
  • 6:30 pm: City Hall is locked down, from @JoshHarkinson
  • 6:15 pm: 20,000 marching towards Brooklyn Bridge from Foley Square, chanting "Whose Bridge? Our Bridge!"
  • 5:30 pm: #OWS shuts down Canal St.
  • 5:25 pm: NYPD cavalry begins to be appear on Centre Street.
  • 5:16 pm: 90 Fifth Avenue occupied by students from Pratt, Columbia, NYU, Hunter pic.twitter.com/lBNwUwpJ
  • 5:07 pm: more police sirens heard headed toward Foley
  • 5:00 pm: chant: "Bloomberg beware, Liberty Square is everywhere!"
  • 4:57 pm: thousands more run south on 7th Ave, evading NYPD barricades to meet Union allies and thousands more who are continuing to mass at Foley Square
  • 4:53 pm: Ydanis Rodriguez, NYC Council member who was arrested during raid on Liberty square, spotted at Foley
  • 4:52 pm: marchers headed from west end of 14th after cut off by police barricades
  • 4:47 pm: 5th ave has been shut down!
  • 4:42 pm: thousands outmaneuver Billionaire Bloomberg's publicly funded private army at 14th and 5th ave and head West on 15th
  • 4:40 pm: music and chants can be heard emanating from Foley Square
  • 4:32 pm: as other marches continue heading down Broadway and from Liberty Square, 7th and 6th st are reported to have been taken by protesters
  • 4:26 pm: Foley reported full of protestors, NYU students still on their way; other feeder marches (including from Liberty Square) also en route
  • 4:26 pm: face off between marchers and a small number of police who are trying to prevent access onto 5th Ave
  • 4:13 pm: headed toward Foley Square, thousands of students and friends stream out of Union Square and into the streets chanting, "Whose streets? Our streets!"