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Personalized Medicine Market: Diagnostics a Road Ahead

Press Release   •   Aug 06, 2013 06:17 EDT

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Diagnostic is the first step in Personalized Medicine, a customized advancement for the treatment of disease related to Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Coagulation, Cancer, Infections, Microbiology, Psychiatric Disorders, Transplant Tissue Typing, Molecular Blood Typing etc. However this advancement has created much enthusiasm, but few tests of personalized medicine has achieved high levels of clinical acceptance.

However, diagnostics companies are facing problems in getting the full value they generate. As 60 to 70 percent of treatment decision is depends on diagnostics tests, but it has a market share of 5 percent of hospital costs.  Out of all diagnostics segments Point of Care diagnostics and Molecular diagnostics is the most attractive diagnostic segment.

Renub Research has published a report on this sector titled “Personalized Medicine Diagnostics (Flow Cytometry, Sepsis Immunos, Routine Coagulation, Psychiatric Disorders, Tumor Markers, Molecular Blood Typing and Other Testing) Market & Forecast”. This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the emerging personalized medicine diagnostic market segments, including their dynamics, size, market share, key investors, clinical trials statement, technological trends, company analysis and a realistic future potential for personalized medicine in clinical testing. The report also entails major drivers and challenges of personalized medicine diagnostic market. This 173 page report contains 94 Figures and 16 Tables studies the Personalized Medicine Diagnostics Market. This report contains 12 chapters 

·  Chapter 1 is Executive Summary

·  Chapter 2 contains worldwide personalized medicine diagnostic market & forecast (2011 – 2018). The market includes technological & disease-wise personalized medicine diagnostics market

·  Chapter 3 contains worldwide personalized medicine diagnostic market share segment. Segment include Technology, Disease-Wise

·  Chapter 4 contains segment-wise technological personalized diagnostic market & forecast (2010 - 2018)

·  Chapter 5 contains geographical segment-wise personalized diagnostic market & forecast (2011 - 2018)

·  Chapter 6 contains disease-wise personalized diagnostic market share & forecast (2011 - 2018)

·  Chapter 7 contains disease-wise personalized diagnostic market & forecast (2011 - 2018)

·  Chapter 8 and 9 contains clinical trial statement and key investors in Personalized Diagnostics Medicine Market

·  Chapter 10 and 11 contains growth Drivers & Challenges for Personalized Medicine

·  Chapter 12 contains company analysis of Personalized Medicine 


Companies analyzed in this report are:

·  HistoRx

·  A&G Pharmaceuticals Inc

·  20/20 GeneSystems

·  Tethys Bioscience

·  Genomas Inc

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